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Friday, December 02, 2005

Home Office create ID-matrix propaganda video

One has to feel so sorry for the sad, lost little cretins at the Home Office, who have created some desperate laughable propaganda video about their ID slavery scheme and it's just complete dross from start to finish (apparently there is more on some dodgy DVD they have cobbled together).

Thanks to this wonderful piece of cinema you realize, definitively, this scheme is doomed. It is a sad sad sad joke and there can be no doubt the ID slavery plot would finish the Labour party off forever if they actually tried to deploy it. That might actually be the plan though, to screw it up for Gordon Brown.

Let's take a few choice screen grabs of this nonsense and amuse ourselves. Predictably, it starts with the hustle and bustle of the 'modern world' and some bogus headlines:

Let's stop those illegal immigrants from taking all our precious jobs, even though we have been shovelling them in as part of globalist policy to keep wages down and undermine existing populations to weaken sovereignty. Nope, can't say that, it's not politically correct enough. So lets stop their exploitation by exploiting everyone with ID cards instead.

Yawn. I mean ooooh those terrorists. We must defeat them. Yeah they just keep using false id when they blow themselves up don't they ? But keep inferring to the British people that a piece of crappy, worthless multinational-created plastic that they will pay for (and pay for, and pay for), will stop some kid strapping a bomb to himself and well..maybe they will believe it. ID cards will also stop bird flu and global warming too.

Sign me up for the biometric slave grid, I'm such a young trendy soulless pleb. I demand you assimilate me ! Can't you see I'm part of the fast-moving modern world??!, please God give me a card, I just want to be part of this cool new Capuchino-sipping serf-grid, and it will make me safe as I plod along to my worthless cubicle job.

That's it white middle class slave, get scanned and smile as you do it, you're fighting terrorism. We need your data and it's so convenient. You just like..have a card to like..use and it's all so quick and convenient for the modern world. You don't mind if we record where you have been, let businesses dip into your file, and export your slave identity to our buddies in the EU who will be your new masters ? No didn't think so, same way you don't mind us stockpiling your DNA, uploading your medical records and retaining your internet surfing for two years. It's all part of the fast paced modern world you see.

The video goes on to show some poor government vassal-boy in the job center getting his card read and his finger scanned. The whole thing is shambolic garbage of the worst kind and has plenty of lies of omission and outright lies in it too, but they do confirm in the video, public and private sector use, the database, the verification and the readers, so the exploding biometric slave grid of monitoring, controlling and shaping your life is very much the plan.

They say in the video "When you are 16, you will be 'entitled' to an identity card", um yes. Like a prisioner is 'entitled' to his cell. Nice try.

To be honest, I couldn't stop laughing all the way through. They have got themselves in an enormous mess with this, I almost feel sorry for them.......if I couldn't stop laughing so much that is.


Blogger Gert said...

I'm sure you know this but at one of HMGs "demonstration tours for the biometric slush" (the tour's trajectory is secret, they can show up anywhere) two guys from NO2ID were arrested for quietly... demonstrating!

It defies belief, frankly...

But I don't think HMG are going to win this one.

6:57 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Cheers Gert, yes I heard about those arrests. And actually it shows they are terrified. Like all of their policies they want to try to set the crisis and then ram it through with no scrutiny. The last thing they want is a real argument or actual debate where the public fully under their plots.

I don't think they will win either, I don't think they can to be honest, and well I'm never having this crap so they will never win with me anyway!

12:18 PM  

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