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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ian Blair: Times gets quote wrong (Radio 4)

"We will have to account for what happened in the dreadful set of events. But there is no suggestion at all that the commissioner or anybody else was kept in the dark." Times

Now I paraphrased at the time, but that is not what he said and I've just listened to the clip again many times over, He said, in a panic switch, diverting away nervously from the subject about him being kept in the dark:

"...we will have to account for what happened..ah.. in the dreadful set of events...urm.. But there is no suggestion at all that (you know) the commission or anybody else was kept in the dark."

There just aren't enough syllables in there for the "commissioner"

It may seem trivial for Stewart Tendler 'crime correspondent' of the Times to gloss over the facts but it's rather important as Ian Blair starts to answer a question he wasn't asked and glues two issues together; him being kept in the dark about Jean Charles de Menezes not being a suicide bomber (which he denies on that show, therefore did he lie at the time ?) and the issue of the [Independent Police Complaints] Commmission being kept in the dark, who's investigation was stifled and compromised for days due to Ian Blair, indeed the IPCC remarked that that they had to 'win control of the inquiry' which the police 'resisted' BBC

Ironically (?), Tendler frames the quote in the context of the IPCC's 'completed report' (which has been put back yet again to early 2006), is it trying to refer therefore to one of the IPCC Commissoners or is it implying Ian Blair is talking about himself (as the question asked by the interviewer was 'Were you kept in the dark' ?)

Or is the Times article just another respun government press release? We know the Home Office are endlessly feeding their homegrown tripe to the press as news. We also know it was the Home Office who spun out the story about Jean Charles de Menezes' visa expiring. BBC

The Home Office (the Home Secretary) selects both the IPCC heads and the Met Chief.

Try and say both versions yourself!

Here's the clip again


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