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Thursday, January 26, 2006

ID slave grid: suffers many defeats in Lords

I'm a bit behind the news at the moment as I've been busy the last couple of days but ID cards have taken a number of defeats in the Lords.

That should be an end to it but apparently New Labour want to press ahead with their totalitarian monster anyway.

No doubt at all, the kind of debate and description of ID cards is wrong. This is all about the creation of a biometric slave grid, about unprecidented data gathering. sharing, assessing and unprecidented levels of subjugation, via this attempt to quantize the actions and life of the entire UK population. It is about breaking down of the middle class in the UK to be replaced with a slave-class.

What people try and do is seek to ignore the reality, and try and justify in their mind what is happening or pretend it isn't happening at all. This is what Blair uses to force his tyranny onto the country; the fact that people will put up their own mental barrier to it and enter into a denial. He then calls that 'consent'.

Things are about as serious as they could be and indeed it is a difficult thing to accept that government has gone completely bad, completely rogue and only wants to hurt you, but the longer we don't accept that, the more danger we are all in.


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