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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blair son plot: government/Murdoch hoax

Rupert Murdoch"...Some believe more overt police interest has led to the emergence of a new, extreme fringe, a sort of "Provisional Fathers 4 Justice". Telegraph

Hmmmmmmm. That's a coincidence.

"However, no one has been arrested and police sources suggest that the chatter never really reached the level of a "plot" - in the sense of a conspiracy to commit a criminal act [...]"

What a surprise.

"It is clear that Special Branch, which is charged with protecting the Prime Minister, did not believe even the most driven members of Fathers 4 Justice were capable of pulling off such an outrageous crime.

The Sun claimed the plan was to hold Leo for a short period as a "symbolic gesture", though some are wondering if the symbolic gesture was really the story itself.

Rebekah Wade, the paper's editor, has long resented her failure to win industry awards and is understood to be keen to get more exclusive, hard-hitting stories. After all, how does a story about a few men having a chat in the pub become a front page "world exclusive" about a kidnap plot?

It would not be the first time that a tabloid newspaper has over-egged a crime story as the News of the World was accused of doing over a supposed plot to kidnap David Beckham's family.

But in this case, Miss Wade is a good friend of the Blairs and it seems inconceivable that she would not have contacted them before publication to check the story.

It also seems difficult to believe that she would have published the story if they had comprehensively rubbished it. And why wouldn't they, given their often professed desire to protect their children's privacy?

Unless, perhaps, someone in the Government wanted to dislodge the embarrassing coverage of sex-offender teachers from the top of the news agenda. Downing Street sources made clear their view yesterday, that it was not a political leak and the Scotland Yard insiders said the same."

Suuuurrrrrre it wasn't. The Blair/Murdoch team are at it again. This was another story that stunk like hell, mysteriously appearing at a difficult time for the government. Bit like that one about Wade attacking her husband Ross Kemp:

"It was a tale rich with ironies, helped on by a rich cast of supporting characters including David Blunkett, Rupert Murdoch (Rebekah Wade's ultimate boss) and the celebrity PR man Matthew Freud and his wife Elisabeth (Mr Murdoch's daughter). She is thought to have spent part of the evening with all of them before the alleged assault on her husband"

And then of course, coincidentally Steve McFadden started getting hit by his partner.

Update: it gets even worse, read this and here's a quote from it:

"In the febrile world of Westminster gossip, there have been dark mutterings about collusion between No 10 and The Sun over the leaking of the story during a week of embarrassing headlines for the Government over health and education. Fuel was added to the fire by reports that Dave Hill, the Prime Minister's communications director, had been involved in lengthy discussions with the editor of The Sun, Rebekah Wade, before the story broke. But when the political editor of Sky News, Adam Boulton, implied as much, he received a dressing down from No 10."

So it's the same MO again and again.

That's it Wade, just keep making up the news to help the government and global junta why don't you ? And now, with heavy solemnity, as if they were the IRA, Fathers 4 Justice have announced they are 'disbanding', and that point, based on a this false plot that never really happened is being pumped out around the world in all of Murdoch's media. This is about helping Blair out of a difficult situation with his MP's endorsing pedophile-school-teachers on the one hand, on the other, more worryingly, it's all about crushing anti-Blair dissent, making 'terrorists' out of nobodies, so as to send a message to the slave population of the UK (and the rest of the world).


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