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Friday, January 20, 2006

Dead Bin Laden helps Bush and Blair

"A terrorism expert says he has seen evidence showing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is either seriously ill or dead. Dr Clive Williams, director of terrorism studies at the Australian National University, says documents provided by an Indian colleague suggested bin Laden died of massive organ failure in April last year" The Age (Jan 16th 2006)

And today of course, "...there are searching questions to ask about the authenticity and timing of the al-Qaida leader's latest tape before the rest of the world can make a balanced judgment about Bin Laden's message [..] ...there is no disputing that this was another audacious media and political coup of a high order" Guardian

"CIA analysts verified the recording as bin Laden's voice. They offered no details about how they reached that conclusion, but in the past the agency has verified authenticity in part by comparing new recordings to earlier messages" Forbes

"...the most immediate political effect will probably be a boost in support for President George W Bush. The commander-in-chief (what a joke -j) has been under intense pressure in recent weeks, accused of trampling on civil liberties in pursuit of terror suspects." BBC

Which is no surprise as that was the same plan before (1), and heck, the Republican Party even said it would be just great to have another terror attack or catch Bin Laden to boost Bush's ratings, and in January 2005, the beginning of the year of the silent Bin Laden the CIA didn't want to catch him at all. Then a couple of days ago before his tape, and a day after the Austrialian expert pronounced him dead, a US terror aficionado said, we 'have no intelligence or evidence that indicates that he is dead' , which is a strange thing to say, as by the sounds of it they didn't have a lot of evidence that he was alive.

Confused ? Smell a rat ? If they knew he was alive did they know where he was all the time and just kept him on the loose until Bush's poll rating's had collapsed ? Have they been looking after him at a CIA safehouse ? Or has he actually just been plain dead for quite some time, leaving little option but to fake up another audio tape ? It's handy of the tape to offer both a truce and more attacks.. Keep your options open, that's what I say. Or is it to cause a backlash against the anti-slave world rebels ? Bin Laden from beyond the grave declares a truce, then those suitcase nukes go off, or maybe just another Silverstein building collapses into a neat pile of controlled-demolitioned rubble for someone to scoop up and ship off to China or bury beneath the ground. Bush then says 'look, I told you people. You stopped us being tough on terror, forget my lies, forget about Iraq and yellowcake and torture and let's go git Iran and have more choking slavery and...' I have to stop there it's just too terrifying for words.

Let's look what's on the agenda, and why this tape is so handy now. We'll start with the main hub and victim of the world Globalisation slave project...


ID cards suffer triple defeat in Lords
'Glorification of terror' defeated in Lords
More torture memos appear showing UK government complicity and intention to cover it up and deny knowledge.
Scottish airports rendition flights via CIA shell companies exposed
MPs giving pedophiles jobs with children, Kelly's job looking precarious which would hurt Blair immensely (and Wade/Murdoch/Blair caught cooking up a plot to help and to give an icon of crushing of dissent) (see also this)
Blunkett back in the news over DNA bioscences lobbying scandal tape


Human Rights Watch note torture is an official and chosen policy of the US Neocon government.
Global forces desperate to attack Iran, will it be Israel or the US used as the whore ?
Yet another botched hit on Al-Qaeda number 'x' resulting in outrage in Pakistan,
Bush's support crumbling,
NSA Spying scandal
Thousands of US troops sent to the deaths and maimed for life on a gigantic shocking pack of lies.
The forged intelligence and pre-war lies that just won't go away
Countless other corruption scandals
Talk of impeachment
Cheney ill

A sign of enormous trouble to come was Condi visiting Europe to promote the New World Order torture programme (something 'good cop' Europe has been pretty complicit in anyway it would seem), and after all Rice says 'Europe is helping it take terrorists out of circulation'.

Think. If they are so in your face with it, so unrepentant, so unconcerned about their future, don't you think it is just a little scary what they have up their sleeve ?

You get the impression something horrendous is being prepared, and it's not from the ghost of Bin Laden. The depraved Neocons ideally have to come up with something before they hit Iran (unless this tape is it), and US headlines are proclaiming 'we need to go after their nukes'. But what 'nukes' ? They mean their reactor. Think. Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear power or nuclear weapons anyway ?

There is a nasty feeling that, Heaven-forbid, a new terror attack could be created, perhaps specifically to help their minion Blair with their ID cards and to make sellable an Iran hit within the US, and goodness knows what else.

But don't worry. Back in globalization-tyranny Island (once called the UK), your ID slave grid, 'Glorification of terror' law, CCTV Orbs dangling from every lamp post, hotwired into the facial tracking grid and all of the other layers of the Panopticon slave pit, will make you safe from whatever Bush, Blair and their puppet masters have decided.

Update: Professor says tape is a fake leaked by Pakistanis


Blogger Richard said...

Strewth, jultra. You've been working like a Trojan. There's so much to see today that I'll have to come back later and take the time & trouble to read it all.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Gert said...

"a US terror afficionado": nice one!

bin Laden has been dissapointing those types by sticking to Iraq of lately. And this truce proposal must come as a shock.

2:52 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Richard, I've have been blogging quite a bit lately. I'm very very worried to tell you the truth.

Gert, cheers! and I pray you are right and I'm wrong.

Now there is this this:

"A Duke professor says he is doubtful about Thursday's audiotape from Osama bin Laden.

Bruce Lawrence has just published Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden, a book translating bin Laden's writing. He is skeptical of Thursday's message. [...]

It was like a voice from the grave, Lawrence said.

He thinks bin Laden is dead and has doubts about the tape. Lawrence recently analyzed more than 20 complete speeches and interviews of the al Qaida leader for his book. He says the new message is missing several key elements

Lawrence believes faulty Pakistani intelligence led to the strike and the civilian deaths, and the tape was leaked by Pakistani authorities to divert attention from their mistake."

9:25 AM  
Blogger Gert said...

I thinks we're simply underestimating bin Laden in his capacity to hide. I don't really see al-Qaeda as a solid, hierachically organised unit but OBL does have lots of "guest houses" in the Middle East, of that I'm quite sure.

5:51 PM  

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