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Monday, April 10, 2006

The New Labour monster: time to slay it

Some days back, Conservative peers decided to capitulate and claim the radical and dehumanizing ID slave grid as an election issue by voting for a compromise after 5 times defeating the government on the issue.

They claimed it would delay the symbolic forcing of taking an ID card with a new passport, but you would still have to be inserted into the slave database on application, so this amounted to a gain of absolutely nothing yet Conservative peers apparently thought that they could win the next election on this point.

That's the theory and how the Sun and Mirror treated it on the day and then Labour let the cat of out the bag to say yes full compuslion is the plan.

It's an interesting idea and some may well say will create pressure to axe the scheme altogether, the problem of course it is assumes 1 or more of the following:

1) The Conservatives will win the next election and will actually axe the scheme

2) Gordon Brown will axe the scheme

3) There will be an election.

The truth is this was an unexpected disaster, from the Pro-slavery wing of the regime it falls right into their plans allowing a more graded introduction to the modern world of slavery which the tinpot regime, amid a massive, lying and pathetic propaganda campaign will claim as 'consent'. Perhaps this worthless delay 'won' by the Lords on ID cards could be interpreted as nothing more than a symbolic wink to the middle classes to now leave the UK entirely, 'we don't want you', 'if you have self worth then you're not welcome, we only want plebs and slaves and idiots forever dependent and in awe of the state and it's corporate friends'.

Blair sees the plan for endless war and the war on terror. He agrees with it. Blair sees globalisation. He agrees with it. Blair sees biometric passports from America as a result of 9/11. He agrees with it and ID cards. Blair sees the EU asking for more investment for nothing in return. He agrees with it. Blair is lobbied by the gambling and alcohol industry. He agrees with what they want. Blair is lobbied by the supermarket monopoly. He agrees with what they want.

Do you see a pattern here ? Every single rancid notion that comes up out the drain of power, Blair automatically agrees with and describes it as the 'modern world'. There is no dissent, no controversy, just this endless buying into, then repackaging of the issues as 'modern' and 'right'.

The eradication of the middle class to replaced with a slave class. The abolition of: parliament, the rule of law, the upper chamber. The formal and visible establishment of a new global corporatist ruling class. Endless war, abolition of self-determination in favour of global corporatism. Globalisation as the new basis for all society. Forcing more people into the criminal justice system.

All essential principles vigourously pursued by a fanatical Blair and his corrupt useless lapdogs like Charles Clarke to make Britian fit for the 21st century.

One wonders if the real reason Blair has been so 'successful', is very little to do with 'connecting with the electorate' as the compromised BBC would have you believe, but because he is never in disagreement with anything anybody in real power wants and will not only do it, but repaint it as his own and glorify it. If you just agree with everything then you can never really loose.

And as Britain is being destroyed, what is Cameron's approach ?

Agree with Blair.

Apparently, he seems to feel the need to build his case on the layers of worthless lies already constructed by Blair and the chunks of cowardly, doting controlled media still under the spell of Blair's personality cult. According to Cameron, Conservative fortunes are dependent on appearing more shallow, more degenerate, more worthless than even Blair himself as some symbol of 'modernity', either that or Cameron is deliberately planning to throw the election.

From Cameron's point of view if you really can't win an election in the face of Iraq, Afghanistan, possibly Iran, a world torture programme, the end of Parliament and the rule of law, a [police/nanny] state out of control, an ID slave grid, a coronated Brown, Labour membership in decline, wealthy donors leaving Labour in shame, endless stealth taxation etc etc etc then there is a real fundemental problem here.

Reuters says Cameron is 'seeking to transform the party of Margaret Thatcher into a modern and compassionate party'

What does 'modern' mean, what is modern really code for ? All _something_ shortlists ? Pro ID slave grid ? Pro targets in the NHS ? Pro bureaucracy ? Pro enormous taxation ? Pro giant government ? Pro bird flu ? Pro the undemocratic Bilderberg-selected quango of the European Commission ?

Or is modern actually nothing to do with any public perception of the Conservatives, but yet more code for don't stand in the way of convergence of financial and politcal power, globalisation, war and suppression of the population?

If Cameron actually gave a hoot about the destruction of the United Kingdom, he would stop flapping about, wrestling with fake nebulous rubbish handed to him by the media, and start pulling this government to pieces with hard truths, that he isn't doing so is cause for grave concern.

That said, it's not all gloomy. A few days ago, the Guardian ran a piece called 'Blair's inner circle and it's ferocious grab for power' describing this destruction of society and how New Labour are undermining democracy and turning the UK into a living prision as they ever claw for more and more control.

Well I hate to say I told you so, but well duh...yes and when you see members of the Lords likening Blair's ID slave grid database to a Nazi one, when senior judges and lawyers are likening Blair's undermining of the independence of the courts as having frightening parallels to Nazi germany (and these were all last year), you really can't ignore that kind of opinion.

The reality in the UK is very very very serious indeed, nonetheless, there are are still some wide sections of the more popular media who broadly want their audience to accept (if not actually believe) the garbage that comes out of Blair and Brown. That is very worrying.

Now of course, New Labour are trying to make it so they can change laws by order on a whim without Parliament at all, and they are now trying to effectively remove the upper chamber altogether. Yes your country is being destroyed, you are being put into tyranny.

Myself, as I've committed to, I won't be taking the card, and I won't be going into the slave database, whether I leave or stay and fight I don't know at this stage, but this country is in real trouble and Britain needs to start facing up to it's problems and pretty fast, this monster called New Labour needs slaying. No ifs, no buts.

I wouldn't worry though, there isn't really a rule of law here these days, it's been replaced by a quasi-political /technological /parastatal/corporate condition of supression as Blair, Brown, Levy and friends prepare to take the country into more wars, so don't worry about getting on the DNA or terrorist database as you react instinctively and violently to being dragged into the ID slave grid, it literally just doesn't mean anything anymore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lords 'compromise' is actually quite intelligent. If they had continued to fight, the bill would have been brought in unchanged via the Parliament Act, and everyone would be subject to instant compulsion, and the stage would have been set for the total 'reform' of the upper house.

With the compromise, anyone who doesnt want to go into the database doesnt have to; you can renew your passport on a nine month basis without having to go into the NIR, the lords remains intact and the legislation can be removed when the tories come to power.

If people really dont want ID cards and new labour, they need to 1/ put ID cards at the front of the agenda with the tories so that the NIR AND the cards are eliminated as a proposal, as a key element of their manifesto, and then 2/ everyone needs to get out and support the tories.

This is a totally imperfect solution, and in a perfect world, an interim one, while we sort out what we are going to do in the long term to permanently neuter the growing power of the globalists.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonjour Jultra/Anonymous: afaic the Tories ought to dispense with waving any of the usual air-brushed cosmetic manifestos in people's faces if they really do wish to reach the public and engender trust: highlighting on their manifesto the NIR as an issue they will try to tackle just wouldn't wash: the public aren't daft, imo.
In other words, the Tories need to show would-be voters they won't tart upthings: their intent is transparent as as it should be.
Instead, the shadow cabinet need to promise- and be willing to be held accountable- that they would buy out of the, I assume, already agreed associated corporate contracts.
What would be the short and long term socio-political/economic consequences of buying out of such contracts: could the Tories make up with a rational, national rescue plan if one was needed?

The party who, pre-election, promises to abolish the scheme and verbalises how, has the best chance of winning my vote.
Also, I thought it was only the first 9 months preceding the introduction of the scheme ie. all passport holders ie 70% of the population will eventually have their lives made vulnerable by a no doubt very vulnerable NIR.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have great faith in opensource.

6:44 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

This is why I didn't write about it at the time because there's 2 ways to look at it and it creates a potentially dangerous new scenario,

I agree that it has to be made a very very vocal point. People should now campaign harder than ever against the ID slave grid, they can't relax and hope Cameron will just axe it.

Now is the time to get tougher than ever on this.

12:53 AM  

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