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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

'15 years of Gordon Brown'

Gordon Brown"GORDON Brown wants to stay in power until he is 70 - but may have wait another two years before getting the keys to No10. The Chancellor, 55, has insisted he is planning for the next 15 years, including two election victories. But sources close to Tony Blair hinted again yesterday the Prime Minister will stay on until at least 2008 to see through NHS and pension reform.

That will disappoint Mr Brown who wants him to announce a departure date later this year ahead of a smooth leadership handover to him in 2007 [...]

On his return from Africa, where he met former South African president Nelson Mandela, he said he was planning major policies for the environment, world finance and the economic threat from China and India. (more breakdown of the middle class and more corporatism and more of a slave economy ?)

He added: "If Nelson Mandela as an 86-year-old can be talking about education changes over the next 10 years then I, as Chancellor, should be thinking about all the changes that will affect our country and our wider neighbourhood over the next 10, 15 years"

I would rather drown myself in a bucket of cat crap than take 15 years of this ambitious, war-mongering, boring, soiled, cowardly little whore.

Have you noticed something ? Gordon Brown is insulating himself in a little fantasy bubble where he creates his own reality. He thinks everyone loves him and is just waiting for him to be shoe-horned into power where will take Britain further into hell. Actually, it may be worse than that; he is assuming a Kim Jong Il/Chairman Mao type power of a crushed population cowering in fear while he grandstands, irrespective of the truth on the ground and whatever anyone actually feels. Brown is demonstrationg that he is about as far out of touch with reality as can be.


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