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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Forest Gate raid: political show by regime

"THE Prime Minister moved yesterday to defend Sir Ian Blair amid growing doubts about the future of Britain's top police officer. Sir Ian, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, is under intense pressure over the shooting last year of an innocent Brazilian man and the high-profile anti-terror raid in Forest Gate, east London earlier this month.

Several members of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), which has the power to sack Sir Ian, have criticised him in recent days. Yesterday, the MPA demanded a report from Sir Ian into the Forest Gate raid, during which one man was shot and wounded. Two men were arrested, but both were released without charge at the end of last week"

I've been out of things for a bit, I needed another break from this but I've been watching this story like everyone else, and just trying to catch up with some of the finer details of it.

At the time, this raid left the overwhelming taste in the mouth of a political showpiece and the words 'Ian Blair' kept coming into my mind. 250+ police officers (Fox said closer to 300) to arrest 2 people, one shot and allegedly beaten can only be a show to keep the war on terror alive for the plebs, whilst demonstrating the power of the regime.

The intelligence (from a 'police informant') was clearly total garbage which the police effectively knew was garbage by all accounts, according to the Guardian on June 6th it was shuffled about between the Met and MI5 perhaps to give the veneer of legitimacy and consideration and at some point a decision must have been made to turn it into a public political spectacle. And lo and behold as I'm catching up on this story we see that:

"Press reports this weekend claimed that the Metropolitan Police had doubts over the intelligence suggesting that the brothers' house was being used as a bomb factory, but were told to go ahead with the raid by the Government's security and intelligence co-ordinator Sir Richard Mottram" Telegaph

Mottram being a senior civil servant is now Blair's personally appointed security coordinator; his Whitehall-Negroponte, responsible for 'helping to set priorities and budgets for MI5, MI6, and GCHQ'. Indeed, Mottram seems have quite a track record as an enforcer for the establishment 1 2 with a penchant for 'presenting unpalatable policy decisions to ministers'.

Now there is to be an inquiry into the bogus intelligence (presumbably carefully avoiding the political decision to act on it) which can inevitably be added to the the dustbin of false inquiries and internal regime whitewashes on matters like the Iraq intelligence:

"Intelligence failures leading to the raid in Forest Gate in east London are to be investigated by the Prime Minister's Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). The committee, chaired by the former Northern Ireland secretary Paul Murphy, will question top intelligence officers in the coming weeks about the false information that led to a public relations disaster. Two brothers whose house was raided, one of whom was shot, were released without charge on Friday" Independent

As for Ian Blair in all this, well......realistically, it's quite a puzzling line of inquiry why Ian Blair is still in his job, as the guy is apparently quite ill and not able to carry out his duties. Normally we pity people like that and try to help them but we don't put them in charge of the Metropolitan police. Then again, we didn't. Ian Blair was a political appointment made by a fanatical regime obsessed by re-engineering society with the radical ID slave grid, a host of 'terror' laws and similar pathological crap. As such Ian Blair was a useful flawed character, a twitching sociopath occassionally hidden behind an equally concerning political correctness neurosis, Captain Queeg playing with his marbles and performing like a dancing seal for the tinpot New Labour regime to use as their toy and channel their manifesto through.

Whatever his role in this particular affair, as long as Ian Blair is in charge the more damage will be done to the police, and the more bad feeling will rub off on the Met. Indeed, sadly Ian Blair's continued presence under an ever-growing mountain of disasters will be interpreted as a stain on the police themselves, reflective of their institutional propensity for politicization, ideological debasement, and deviation from their designed noble goal set out by Robert Peel.

Now let's talk about Big Brother. Glamourizing a load of vacuous boy and girl attention-seeking bimbos, plebs and whorelets in the goldfish bowl of hundreds of cameras, selling the government's CCTV culture alongside a vacant, giggling, bitching stoned-paranoia of gossiping housemates. Actually at least they choose to put themselves in a goldfish bowl and might get something out of it, which is more than you do under the regime's cameras according to the Home Office's own funded study on CCTV. Nonetheless, let's provide some new cutting-edge intelligence on the next plan for Mottram, Ian Blair, Eliza-Manningham Buller and pals in the war on terror (see image at top).


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