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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blair's leaving date. Who cares ?

It wouldn't really matter if Blair continued for another 100 years as a talking reanimated head in a jar with Gordon Brown's head in a jar next to him still waiting to seize power.

In the current political climate, with Brown and an indistinguishable gaggle of similar perverts who's goals are all the same; a Bolshevik-inspired enslavement of humanity, it hardly matters.

I was just watching Newsnight for the first time in ages and, the irony of some of these people (now 8 eight how have resigned) and others pushing for Blair to go who have supported him over every vile and ridiculous policy that he has handed them is truly quite amazing. If Blair is so wonderful to these characters why push him out at all ?

If you supported Blair, his wars, his police state, his Orwellian doublespeak, if you have contributed to the destruction of society by voting for every single one of his disgusting laws as one character proclaimed, then why aren't you pushing for your own leaving dates ?

Anyway a lot of speculation on Newsnight about how much Gordon Brown is pulling the strings; the consensus being he is, just how much, and meanwhile of course Blair has given a date to buddy Murdoch while tommorow he will make some announcement following talks he has had today with Brown.

But quite frankly, so what ? Sure Blair's departure is a desperately needed bloody nose for Anglo-American Neocon perpetual war, but for Blair to be nudged out of office for all the wrong reasons and unscathed for his appalling crimes is such a terrible indictment of the Labour party and more importantly the UK itself that we may as well just hang ourselves now and be done with it.

But then as the UK these days is often perceived as a wretched cowardly stain on the world map and social-fascist state, where a good chunk of the population are capable only of keeping their head down and agreeing to be molded into whatever sick distorted shape Blair, Brown, Clarke, Reid, Miliband etc. choose maybe it doesn't really matter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you are having a bad day today Jultra; I often have these bad days myself, where I think, "why should I care about Britian, when the Brits themeslvs seem to be so complacent, pliable, sheepish and stupid?". "If they want to die like pigs along with their culture, fuck them all and let them burn in hell; I'm off to Spain".

The fact is, this desperation is borne out of isolation and illusion. There are MANY people like us, only they do not have the ability to make themselvs known to us. We are the rash on the face of the british people, or rather, the outward sign of the incandescent blush of rage that has spread all over this great land.

Don't give up Jultra. Don't believe for an instant that Britain cannot restore itself to its rightful position as a free country which is the the envy of every civilized man.

We must not fail Britain, this place that made us and that we love so dearly. We must fight for her with our words and our pounds.

Keep writing. Keep fighting.

Britain will be best again.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more on the point that Blair should be judged on his actions that really matter, not kicked out for triviality. Men like Blair and Ken Livingstone are guilty of far worse than failing to determine a date of resignation or refusing to apologise for some stupid comment or another.


2:24 PM  
Anonymous Rex said...

If the whole of New Labour went up in a puff of smoke today, what do you believe we have to look forward to - as from tomorrow? Honestly, Jultra?

2:43 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

anon1: yeah was a bit down last night, and you're right we should be more positive, sometimes though it doesn't hurt to moan at everyone! Thanks for the support!

Phu, cheers, can I ask what do you particularly take offence with Ken Livingstone about ? I would be very interested to know, I have a lot of my own complaints against this guy.

Rex: Good question. well one thing any other party would have a real problem trying to spin and lie as hard as that again. You couldn't just come in as a party and do what New Labour did again how they did it again, realistically I don't think so. That said you can't guarantee that, but my view is New Labour are a real and particular barrier to any kind of real politics, to any kind of real debate and are quite seriously at odds with the UK itself, and that is really dangerous.

And to be fair it's not all the fault of New Labour, other parties have their share of the blame too, but I think honestly, generally, we could look forward with getting on with things that are at least closer to some kind of reality.

And yes you would still have plenty of problems in the UK but I think there would be a better chance all round of actually dealing with them, rather than trying to create a new reality around them or on top of them which is what New Labour are training people to accept as normal, when this is distinctly abnormal.

It's a very good question that's just off the top of my head.

2:43 AM  

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