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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Daily Mirror: not fit for toilet paper

The Daily Mirror really is a vile little rag. From the incessant propagandizing communist-pleb garbage of Tony Parsons, to the fake political 'commentary' of Paul Routledge, the Daily Mirror is officially a joke.

Of course the Mirror wasn't a bad anti-war paper under Piers Morgan, but after setting him up and getting him sacked for his stand on Iraq, the Daily Mirror has been under a gradual transformation back into a pro-war, anti-nation Neocon rag pumping out the worst sort of pathetic drivel designed to destroy other countries as well as our own, although personally I wouldn't call this a country anymore but a container to practice the art of socialist governance. Naturally all this has effectively caught its lobotomized readers unaware who only buy it for the 3AM girls and who may still think, if they can think that is, and if pushed very hard, that it is probably 'anti-war'.

Yesterdays' Daily Mirror was quite a case in point. A big piece championing the US's microwave heat-beam weapons that cook Muslims, Iraqi nationals, Arabs, Christians, and various dissidents from within. But don't worry it's 'non-lethal'. I say we test that on Tony Parsons and Paul Routledge, the two main useful idiot purveyors of Bolshevik poison to the vegetative classes and mouthpieces of the Blair/Brown destruction of society in the UK.

Sadly Piers Morgan is now a pathetic 'luvvy' hobnobbing with various people, and according to his gossip column that he alledgedly writes in either the Sunday Times or Mail on Sunday magazine (sorry can't remember which) he is a 'big fan of John Reid', the 'pre-emptive' war and communist fan.

Of course the Daily Mirror has always had grave problems that go back to Robert Maxwell, but that is another story.


Blogger Richard said...

Agreed. Every word.

10:02 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Yeah, The Mirror is just a complete joke and hive of disinformation and nonsense today

11:29 PM  

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