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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another false poll to keep everyone down.

And look who is publishing it:

The Guardian.

I think it is very very important to reiterate that these polls are just drivel, they are not representative, they are a lie and are merely a way of protecting the current government or protecting a particular policy. Who are these 43% of people who allegedly believe the police probe into Labour's plan to flood the Lords with corrupt cronies who will vote for anything was 'unnecessarily heavy-handed' and who 'blame the police' ? Who are these '45%' who 'disagree' that Blair should stand down immediately ?

Isn't it funny ? I can't find them anywhere. Instead, what I find everywhere is a massive seething and clearly righteous hatred towards this disgusting regime. In fact the only people I find trying to protect this rotting failed carcass of a government are people in the BBC, the infiltrators in the Guardian's Comment page and so on.

The gap between what swathes of the mainstream media are presenting and the reality out there is just enormous. This has to tell us something, it has to be a clue. You know it is also interesting last week the Daily Mail's frontpage was something like "Night of Disgrace for Labour" and basically how this was it and Labour were finished. But of course they were not talking about the war in Iraq (and quite frankly in my opinion Afghanistan as well) that has cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives. That has maimed thousands more. Nor was it talking about this desire to transform society into a living prison. No no, it was just on the cash for peerages scandal.


Blogger Irdial said...

Those inflitraitors (yes, 'infiltraitors') are all working for the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU). They have a glove puppet squad of info warriors who pollute blog comments and forums with drivel. I just posted about them. If it is not them specifically, then there is for certain another group with a similarly vile acronym.

They will not win this. It is a numbers game first of all, and secondly, every forum has people in it who are more intelligent than these trolls, and they always shatter the drivel.

Look at the hideous 'Have your say' at the lie machine BBC News website. On any subjec that has been hit by glove puppets, when you sort by most voted for, the sensible comments win. Now, if they start to manually skew the voting, which is the next logical step, that will only make more people post to say that "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" (for example) is utter tosh.

As for The Guardian, we know that they are total scum. They are servants of the first class, computer illiterates, fawning imbeciles and habitual regurgitators of the party line. It should never come as a surprise that they publish these absurd polls, PR pieces and the like. That is what they are paid to do.

The internets break their power. Every time you, Jultra, post a reply to one of these pieces, it breaks them. People using the google see your post and their puff piece and choose you every time that is why it is so important to keep posting.

But you know this!

12:54 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Yes, good points Irdial, the Guardian's CIF section is absolutely rife, it is a hotbed of infiltration. And the funny thing is it wasn't like that a year ago.

Basically with the Guardian, well the way I see it at least, you've got the usual embedded suspects there anyway trying to topple civilization people like David Aaronovitch, buddy of Peter Mandelson for example.

But you've also got good genuine people who are anti-war, anti police state whatever trying to do the right thing.

Then you've also got mainstay, the froth and lefty worthless fluff and misinfo from people like Neil Lawson and George Monbiot who are blaming 'neo-liberalism' and so on. Pure worthless commentary.

But yes the actual comments of comments is free for the public you've got mass infilitration, dozens of sock puppets, whether they are working for UK regime, or the Pentagon or the neocons in the US, and so on, whatever they are rife and very very noticable in what they are doing. No doubt about it.

As you say, exactly the same with BBC's comments system, which again when that started wasn't quite like that. Except the stories that people commented on (with the old system) where total disinfo, total agent provocateur, total Home Office and so on, trying to whitewash the murder of de Menezie for instance.

Thanks again Irdial.

7:45 PM  

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