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Sunday, February 11, 2007

'Big Brother bomber'

We've seen in the UK a million signatures against turning the entire country into a massive toll road where everyone can be tracked and traced, of course that is just a protest over merely one layer of tracking and tracing, so in my opinion this is not really dealing with the problem here at all.

My personal belief on this is people need to organise against everything that means everything the regime is doing or nothing will change. The key word has to be organise so I'm a little bit concerned about this story recently of the so called 'Big Brother bomber'. I agree with what Paul Watson has said there.

If this is not an agent provocateur, then I think this is wrong and I think it should stop. Now I have actually been quite vocal here about these topics, but I think currently there are probably better more righteous protests that will win over support from people and the media and that are not going to get you a life in prison or be used by the regime to attack the integrity of people in general fighting this crap.

While I disagree with the behaviour of this case, with great regret I do strongly believe that those people carrying out the deployment of the police state do make themselves whopping targets as pedophiles do for example, and society should treat these individuals and companies like that. As I've said before here it is not enough to just be carrying out your job anymore.

And civil servants and ministers deploying the police state, trying to sell it should be treated like that too. So you can't have it both ways. You can't create a terrible socialist police state where there was none before in a country that prided itself on it's freedoms and hope there is no reaction. You can't try to sell the idea of being enslaved and hope there is no reaction, you can't declare war on the people of the country you are supposed to serve and hope there is no reaction.

So if it is genuine then I guess again the country needs to take note urgently and see it as a sign of where we are and that is in an incredibly serious situation where sadly people are feel forced into these kind of responses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the one hand, I hate it when anyone gets hurt. On the other hand, if these people who work at the 'big brother' companies are so stupid and or evil that they are willingly facilitating the introducion of this police state, then they deserve to die.

It is the same with the atrocities that happened in WW2. Who would today argue that using violence against the purges of Stalin or the mass murder of Hitler, or Pol Pot was wrong? Indeed, the people who fought against these and all tyrrany back then up until the time of Reagan were called heroes; like the people who found innovative ways to get over the Berlin Wall. There is even a museum dedicated to these people and their inventions. Our situation today is no different.

We are in a struggle for the survival of our way of life. The people who work for the companies that are rolling out the police state are the enemy. It is no good to say, "I was just doing my job". That is what the evil people in the twentieth century said as they comitted their crimes. We have the luxury of hindsight, and a clear indicaiton of what we need to do to stop all of this. We also have a very clear picture of what will happen if we refuse to act out of some misplaced idea that the normal rules of our society are still in effect. They are not.

We must take any action we need to take in order to stop this country becoming a polive state. If someone wants to use violence, then so be it. I am not for it, but I would not lift a finger to stop it. We simply cannot continue to sit back and write letters and blog posts while the house is burning down around us.

Whoever this guy is, he is 'mad as hell and he is not going to take it any more'. We should all be as mad as him, and as willing to take it to the ultimate conclusion. If that were the case, all of our troubles would soon be over.

And do not forget that another fake atrocity is just around the corner; another pretext to shave away the last layer of our rights. They are now talking about managing perceptions about this openly. Obviously there are some awake people (the ones that have decided that running away is not an option) left who are going to fight to the very end. I cheer them on, and I suspect that millions of others do also, in secret, just like the millions in the Soviet Union silently cheerd on the dissidents.

This is going to end. It is a matter of how soon, and not if.

This is not a time to be squeamish about violence. The violence that they are doing to the millions of people in the west far outstripps the violence of this one super-angry guy. "Give me liberty or give me death" is not a phrase that can be equated to Mc Donald's "I'm Lovin it". It is SERIOUS, and 'give me death' means LITERALLY I would rather die than live as a slave. When you take this seriously, it means you are ready to fight to the death for your liberty.

Bring me my bow of burning gold.
Bring me my chariot of fire.

It's all true.

2:31 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

anon I agree, in fact I wrote the article above for the first time in a little bit of a restrained way on this, because I really wasn't too sure what was happening there at the time.

Lets be honest, it wouldn't surprise any of us if it were a sting operation aimed at bloggers criticising the police state. Of course it would have backfired because even cretins on the payroll like Richard Littlejohn basically sympathised with it.

So no I agree with what you are saying and hear what you are saying, and I've said here before you can't just be carrying out this crap hope people don't respond.

Clearly they will. That said also though, I think there is another way in general with this that really hasn't been tried. That is disruptive and pro-active but not like that.

Yes agree with all of it, also remember there really is no organised movement here against the regime itself. You have anti-war, anti-ID cards, anti this, anti that, all these fractured issues serious as they are in isolation miss the point of what is going on here.

Thanks for posting !

12:20 AM  

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