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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Ealing council' put cameras in baked bean cans to spy on residents say the Daily Mail

Daily Mail: "A local council is to use hidden cameras to catch residents who leave rubbish out on the wrong day. CCTV devices will be disguised inside objects such as baked bean cans and house bricks to film offenders"

Here we go again, look I would advise residents of Ealing to just crush these cans, but it's an interesting story that ties into the rubbish spying in general story. You will remember that was promoted as something that local councils were doing to appease EU rubbish targets, turns out of course as we speculated correctly here that wasn't quite the full story at all.

Now this case with Ealing and putting cameras in baked bean cans to spy on people putting their rubbish out is interesting, the Daily Mail spend their entire life shifting the blame for this stuff onto subordinates and cretins, in this case 'Will Brooks, the Tory councilor responsible for environment and transport'

So the question here is what power does a local councilor have ? Well very little really. And who is telling Will Brooks to endorse this ?

Now I do think the Daily Mail does some good work, but at the same time you get the firm impression on many issues, that the Daily Mail while appearing to complain about them, is just not telling us the full truth about anything that is really going on this country.

It is posing as a 'conservative' popular newspaper and on one level it kind of is, but at the same time it seems to be stripping out various personalities from stories and other times it is skewing and misdirecting the public about who is doing what, an example would be the headline 'Germans to put bugs in wheelie bins'.

At other times it (and its sister paper the Evening Standard) seem to be feeding the government with a mandate by complaining about things like crime and immigration which it must surely know that the regime will only use to declare legitimacy for things like ID cards, CCTV and ever-more draconian laws and so on. And there has been no other newspaper that has done more to feed the Blair/Brown domestic police-state agenda than the Daily Mail, which makes its frequent complaints about that seem almost ludicrous.

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