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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Here we go again: Brown's rampage of terror

Gordon Brown TerrorismI wasn't too sure what to write about over the last few days re: the glorious, and long-planned smooth transition of power, especially considering how much we have written about it already, suffice to say I had watched or read virtually none of the coverage of that in case I threw up.

In a Q&A article in the Independent this week, the grotesque Gordon Brown wallowing in his own installment was asked by a reader, what is worse 'Jihadi terrorists or global warming' ?

Brown (effectively): "We can have both"

Indeed, and so now we have the latest terrorist plot just after Brown is installed, which I am going to say, that I came very close here over the last week to writing as a prediction, very very close indeed. Such an event would have the effect of bolstering Brown's ridiculous position early on and laying the groundwork for yet more terror laws, and more intensity of policy across the board, which is exactly what he has been aiming for.

Of course, it also gets recent British losses in Iraq, headlines of which were squarely aimed at the remote loathsome Gordon who helped put them there, off the front pages. And as Kurt Nimmo notes, the Neoconservative press in the US were quick to point the finger at 'Al Qaeda', hey wait a minute, didn't they do the same within minutes of attacks on 9/11 ? Uh...

Now I was reminded today at WHR, that Brown in April, was presumably trying to assist his political future by flattering the "Labour Friends of Israel", perhaps with a view to yet more skewing British foreign policy at any cost, which according to former Panaroma and ITN correspondent Alan Hart in a lecture last year had already been 'Zionised' under Blair and Levy.

Oh no no, it's all "Islamofascism" or "Islamic Extremism" you see, I forgot, presumably the policy Brown is following is the same one described by Blair in an interview with Haaretz last year (read it all, it is quite staggering), Blair's views surmised by Haaretz as: "Western leaders are increasingly aware of the global nature of the struggle against Islamic extremism led by Iran, but within Western public opinion "there is a big battle to be won"

And that may well be what Gordon Brown's pursuit is now; winning hearts and minds for the next war, of which he said in the Independent there is 'no plan for'.

Of course, where the terrorism is not sanctioned, assisted or deliberately overcooked and overspun by ourselves (???), then it would be just unthinkable to consider that our terrible stupid murderous actions in the Middle East are something to do with it, whether it is Iraq, or in particular re the UK's destructive support for Israel's more deplorable policies.

In any event, back home, Brown's supporters at Trinity Mirror and foaming detached crackpots like Polly Toynbee in the Guardian should now be happy as Brown has been given his 'mandate to govern' through this new terror plot. Indeed there do seem to be two factions at work in British life, one is trying to repair the shredded vestiges of society, the rule of law and due process, and the other is actively continuing to destroy it.

And Brown's new cabinet perhaps constructed to pursue that very goal, is presumably little more than a dungeon of the foul creature's personal Brownite worshipers all ready to vote along with their backbench colleagues for absolutely anything all over again under the 'Ruthless Stalinist's' decade and a half plan of ruin.

The despicable wretch Hoon is resurrected as Chief Whip, Straw becomes Lord Chancellor, while self-described 'socialist' Miliband, installed as Brown's Foreign Office Commissar, said on his appointment to pledge "diplomacy that is patient as well as purposeful, which listens as well as leads".1

Nice to see that New Labour under Brown have made sound bytes a thing of the past then.

One site also notes Brown "has appointed Israel apologists to key positions in his Cabinet, with arch-Zionist James Purnell heading the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, which has oversight responsibilities for the British media, including the BBC, and Douglas Alexander, a recipient of Labour Friends of Israel hospitality, taking over the Department for International Development.

In addition, Gordon Brown has appointed Simon McDonald, a former British ambassador to Israel and a man described by Israeli officials as "a true friend to Israel", as his chief foreign policy adviser"

The Labour Party truly, have learnt nothing from the last ten malignant years, establishing yet again, that it was never merely Brown and Blair that were the problem. Apart from their biggest supporters in the media, perhaps led by Rupert Murdoch and his gang of financial supporters, as well as the BBC and (now-) Trinity Mirror, it was the Labour party itself that gleefully accepted the grotesque private power-sharing deal with Brown and Blair warts and all, alongside the machinations of sinister and slithering Mr Fixits like Peter Mandelson and followed by a near-consistent agreement to a catastrophic set of policies in exchange for not being out of power.

No doubt, we shall see soon how crushing new laws and initiatives are introduced by the vane, egotistical war-stained ghoul and liberticidal fanatic Brown to clear up that annoying relic of the Middle Classes once and for all, that is if he can manage to pry himself away from tying the shattered UK into more disastrous foreign policy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now, according the news reports, he has started a witch hunt against Muslims working in the NHS. They don't actually phrase it like that, of course. They call it 'reviewing the employment rules'!


12:55 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Yes Brown's taken the bait alright. This guy is bad news enough anyway, really such bad news and he shouldn't be in office... And inevitably it's made worse by the newspapers pushing him on.

Thanks for posting


9:19 PM  

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