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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The disgraced grotesque monster Gordon Brown: not fit for office

Ok I'm back. Let's talk about a few things briefly, let's start with Gordon Brown from Monday:

I personally find it extraordinary and vile that Gordon Brown is trying to distance himself from the Iraq war. Let's go back in time and see what Brown said about Iraq then: (see also this)

"This was the most difficult decision a Cabinet can make but the decision was made in an honest, principled and clear way with the evidence before them," said Mr Brown, who has been campaigning alongside Mr Blair. When asked if he would have done exactly the same, he said simply: "Yes". "I not only trust Tony Blair but I respect Tony Blair for the way he went about that decision"

Ok, and now he is saying this, quoted from commentary in The Spectator:

"The fact that Gordon Brown has asked a civil servant to ensure that in future intelligence reports remain independent from the political process implies that they are not independent now. In other words, they are and have been open to manipulation, exaggeration, overstatement and distortion by the government. Further, Brown’s aspiration that such security analysis should be independent in future and that ‘mistakes were made’ in this context by the government suggests that this — or something like it — is precisely what he accepts happened in the lead-up to the war against Iraq.

The grotesque irony is that in truth, Gordon Brown cares not a hoot about the catastrophy inflicted on Iraq by his party, by himself, by many of his supporters, as well as Blair, Brown cares about power. It's that Brown has no choice politically but to do this at all, to make this ironic, cheap opporunistic shot to distance himself from Iraq which he can only do now while Blair is at his weakest and ready to leave almost immediately. This is another example by Gordon Brown, another warning about the attrocious levels this subhuman ghoul will readily go to.

Let's be serious. If Brown had any sense of integrity, any sense of justice, any sense of humanity at all, he would have said this at the time, or even in a moment of reflection at the horrific thing he had helped commit any time between 2003 and now.

But of course, the deal and the glorious promise of power was too important to Brown.

I've said it before here, and I'll gladly say it again and I'll keep saying it: Gordon Brown is not fit for office.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be surprised by Reiver Brown's about face; after all, everything you have said about him on your blog is true.

The question now is: who do the real Labour supporters vote for at the neaxt General Election? More of the same under Reiver Brown? Do they turn to the Lib Dems, who also supported the war against Iraq? Do they vote for the Right-wing conservative party? Oh, wait, we have had one of those since Bliar came to offce.

What is the answer here?


8:28 PM  
Anonymous jultra said...

Hi thanks for posting. yeah it's a big problem alright.

Although it hardly matters now, last year on the Guardian's CIF...might have been Peter Kelner's blog, I remember I posted my view about what should happen to Labour.

I should say I'm not a Labour supporter at all, but I said if Labour are to be taken seriously as an option politically then they have to distance themselves from pretty much everything that Blair and Brown have done in power, basically totally reconstruct themselves and reject the entire Blair/Brown project and everything that happened underneath it.

Actually people agreed with me there, but said it was too drastic a thing to do and impractical while in power.

And unfortunately that's not what's happened now, now you have Gordon Brown as the next leader which I think is a terrible stain on Labour again, and conclusively proves that the majority of those in Labour are simply not able to come to the right decision at all or have no interest in doing so.

So yes for traditional Labour voters it is a really big problem now at the next election, but Labour leaning voters simply have to take their vote elsewhere (quite frankly anywhere) and demonstrate that this fetish for Gordon Brown, who is probably one of the most stained and vile creatures in British politics, who's effectively already been in power on domestic issues for the last 10 years is not acceptable at all and that Labour must will pay a heavy price for this choice at the next election.

That's my 2c anyway.

7:38 PM  

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