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Monday, June 18, 2007

Where can Blair be installed to do the most damage ?

Contrary to what some people may think, no one wants to make horrible predictions that seem to be edging towards the truth, especially in their more terrifying, more outlandish sounding, and more 'conspiracy'-themed moments.

Well, I hate to say I told you so, really I do, but for some time I've been effectively warning about this kind of scenario which is now being presented to the public re: Blair. It was utterly inevitable in my book.

"Tony Blair has been accused of 'knifing' Gordon Brown by holding secret discussions about a job as the first ever President of the European Union. The Prime Minister was entertained in Paris by new French president Nicolas Sarkozy at an upmarket restaurant called Thiou, where they agreed a joint agenda on Europe. French political sources have confirmed that President Sarkozy is keen for Mr Blair to take on a full-time paid role as the 'face' of the EU after he quits Downing Street

[..] Mr Blair's private dinner with Mr Sarkozy and his wife Cecilia at the Thai restaurant on the banks of the Seine has echoes of a previous restaurant encounter where Mr Brown was outmanoeuvred. In 1994, at Granita in Islington, Mr Blair is said to have made a deal to hand over power to Mr Brown during his second term, leading to later accusations of betrayal. The Paris meal, revealed here for the first time, took place on May 11, days after Mr Sarkozy's presidential victory and hours after Mr Blair publicly confirmed his retirement date"
(Daily Mail)

As I've tried to say on my blog, and as far as I am concerned pretty much confirmed by this piece, and other stories from last year, I think it's best not to look at Mr Blair as an individual, but as a conduit or gateway for a set of inherently international interests that, to a greater or lesser extent, perhaps loosely or directly, manifest their will through him, or at least are in full agreement with him.

A lot of people believe, understandably, that Blair is a kind of poodle of Bush and US power, myself I just never quite believed that to be true. I don't believe Blair has any admiration of Bush, has any love or understanding of America at all, other than as, today, a vast military might under a neocon coup that has corrupted the country into destroying Iraq, trying to lay the groundwork to attack Iran, while creating some pretty horrendous dictatorship laws domestically and exporting torture globally.

And certainly, Blair's actions both foreign and domestic simply cannot be fully explained in the normal expectations and flow of British politics.

Instead, I always believed that there was a reward inferred for Blair if he did what he did, and that's what I think you are looking at here, and there is the possibility that Blair has effectively been told he can have a significant chunk of power, in a different future order.

And this would explain why there has been a great difficulty in directly trying to get rid of Blair, because he is essentially being protected and groomed. To put it simply they are not done with Mr Blair yet.

And the plan seems to be to try to fit Blair in where he can do the most damage as an effective President of the World figure. The Carlyle Group, speculated about early on, didn't really cut it properly and Blair has no understanding of business. The UN, which a lot of good people have many reservations and concerns about, is simply not enough under the control of whatever you want to call this trend or axis...indeed the UN has come under enormous criticism (including from Blair) that it simply isn't war-mongering enough and is too sympathetic to Palestinians...or too sympathetic to terrorist states etc, indeed, particularly in the US you may have read some other articles about 'how we need a new UN', 'how it's out of control'...now you understand those kind of articles.

But the EU presidency would be ideal, as apparently this is where a significant chunk of pretty horrific intention congeals itself, and would effectively allow the Blair-gateway to destroy the nations of Europe in a way they haven't been yet.

One would hope it would be fairly obvious that this Sarkozy character is seriously bad news. Sarkozy's endorsement of Blair who has feverishly been destroying his own country as well as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon should be an enormous warning to the French that they are now in serious trouble with Sarkozy.

And one would also hope this would finally put to rest the idea that the quango of the EU via Sarkozy, seeking to endorse a known war criminal and traitor and destroyer of society, utterly despised by his own UK population, as its new permanent leader, can ever be seen as some sort of world 'good cop'.

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Blogger Irdial said...

Look at all the comments on the Mail piece. To a man they are fully understanding what this is all about, and they all hit the nail on the head. Tony Blair is a traitor. This is the view of almost everyone in the UK. the question now is what is to be done about him and his bovine successor.


"Tony Blair has been accused of 'knifing' Gordon Brown by holding secret discussions about a job as the first ever President of the European Union".

Well he has, but who's gonna lose any sleep over it. They've been a double act for the last 10 years, destroying England.
I've been saying for ages that he's after this job - that's why he's sold us down the river, to Europe.
- Kim, Hampshire UK

We really will need GODS help this time...
- Jf, East Yorks

There is no suprise that Blair is in line for the sometime EU president position. It is simply his reward for selling out the UK. England in particular. This heinous individual is nothing more than a traitor.
- Norman Hall, Leiston

Which has always been the main reason and purpose of Blairs lackadaisical attitude when signing away our Constitution. Blair always wanted to be elected President of a United States of Europe.
- Mike Hardy, Romney Marsh UK

And there we have it. The ultimate landing pad for a failed politician.
Still, he seems to be good at striking secret deals in restaurants.
- Dave G, Basingstoke, UK

This is an obvious conclusion to Blair's treachery against the British people, signing away our refund and signing a so called Treaty (Constitution) with no consultation, It is an obvious choice which he has been after since becoming PM. After all the EU gravy train is where all failed politicians go!
- Annette Shaw, Hamilton, Scotland

Now we know why Mr Blair was going on a 'World Farewell Tour'. It was suspected that he may have been 'glad-handing' the VIPs in the EU and other Heads of State. Mr Blair will leave office at the end of June, then take a 'Freebie Holiday' somewhere nice, Italy maybe. He will then spend the next year or two doing the after diner 'Big Speaks' circuit in America 'wowing' the gulible and naieve as to how he... 'Saved the Planet' single-handed. Then when he has 'wowed' his public 'over there', he will come back to lobby for the post of First Elected President of the United States of Federated States of Europe. Then when his term is over, he will be 'glad-handing' the Vatican for some other 'Role' he can play at. Mr Blair, like any second-rate actor, has been seduced by power, the 'limelight' and all this brings. He like feeling 'Very Important' because he is basically an insecure personality.
- Bob Clarke, Chelmsford East Anglia

Hang on, we wanted to see the back of Blair, and now he gets made EU President without so much as a vote? How does that happen? We need to get out of the USSE as soon as we can!
- Harry, Cardiff

Well it does seem that the aim of the EU is to end democracy and turn its member countries into third world nations so what better man to be EU president than Blair. He has already demonstrated his credentials during his time as the dictator of the UK and would clearly be the ideal man to turn the population of all EU countries into uneducated drones incapable of any form of work. The only thing I'd object to is the title of President as I think Chairman would be far more appropriate.
- Richard, Liverpool, UK

No, please God, NO don't let that happen. Blair has had 10 years too long to ruin GB ... please don't let him loose on Europe. Just let him go quietly. Good bye Tone, don't phone us we will phone you ... (in the extremely unlikely event that we ever miss you).
- Peter Pan, Great Britain

Why does the so-called 'President' of the European Commission enjoy a reduced rate of income tax when the rest of us are forced to pay a much higher rate!

These politicians have failed to realise that in their 'victory' they have in act sowed the seeds of their own destruction.

The people of Eastern Europe brought down the Soviet Union and we in the West will do the same to the European Union.

It's over Tony, go now and don't look back!
- Andrew Murray, London, UK

This must be a dream come true, all his eggs in one basket and a chance to do even more damage to the UK without the ribbons of office to tie him down and no one to answer to. No wonder he has been so determined to push the constitution through without us knowing.
- Cath, UK

All together now, the jingle made popular by you know who... "Things can only get worse".
- Fred, Aberdeenshire

I think Mr. Blair would make a pretty good EU president to be honest. I don't care what people say, I think he has been a very good prime minister and I feel much better off than I did 10 years ago thanks to Mr. Blair. Bravo!
- John, London

This would be the best thing that could ever happen to Britain. We should put all our efforts behind his application and appointment.

In 10 years, Bliar has completely ruined Britain and now that he has practiced on us, he should be able to totally screw up the EU in a much shorter period. Perhaps he can find a job for Bruin before he does any more damage? The sooner the EU is down and destroyed the better for all of us.
- Tony, UK

This is why sleaze ball Tony Blair has been selling this country down the line. He is only interested in his own personal future.
- Rc, Scotland

If he takes the post offered, it will make another non-elected EU grandee.

What with Peter Mandelson there to hold his hand is it any wonder he wants this constitution (sorry treaty) signed and out the way, even if he doesn’t take the post it is still an insult to us.

In many articles you will read that the Brussels EU Parliament is total democratic, question I would ask them is when did they last elect a EU Commissionaire?
- Nite Owl, Dorset, England.

Is anybody surprised at this, this is what the actor has worked for, destroyed my country, signed away my freedom, bound us tightly to the European empire we can never escape its clutches. That was T Blair's sole purpose, achieve what Europe wants and get the job that was promised to him 11 years ago.
- J.Nixon, Middlesbrough, UK

Well there is no wonder why he doesn't want to call a referendum. He doesn't us, the British electorate who is allegedly accountable to, to ruin his chances of getting his next job!
- Joseph, Norfolk, England

He is a traitor to the peopel of this country and always has been. The sooner he goes and we get out of this EU nightmare the better for this country.
- Samantha Jones, Bucks

That's why he's going to sell us all down-river, then. Sign for us without a referendum and he'll get a nice job. No wonder he hasn't been too worried about his next job! Help! One day I'll be back for good and all and I don't want that.
- John Gilbert, Dohar, Qatar

Of course this vain man will take the job. All he is concerned about is how good he looks and to hell with everyone else.
- Roy Pedersen, Worcester England

It stinks.
- R Smith, Bury St Edmunds

I suppose he's still going to want to be well known and "Important" so this would be an ideal job. It is nice though to see a good relationship between British and French leaders at last.
If it was me I'd retire somewhere remote and grow carrots - or perhaps grapes. Can't imagine why people want all this attention.
- Geoff, Birmingham UK

Thats all we want, to see this self-important idiot become the EU President!
- Graham, Preston

Well tell Gordon at the Downing Street dinner on Tuesday that we will all have some of that 15% tax sounds good to me - just another little perk of the job for these hard pressed EU officials - unbelievable!
- Michael, Sheffield

Why would this news be any surprise? He is only proving the rule and not the exception that all MP's look after themselves and put two fingers up to the rest of us.
- D.Watson, Newcastle, England

If Blair should become EU president it would ensure that the UK people would be anti EU a lot stronger. We know how untrustworthy he is already.

The only good thing that might be is that Blair would segregate the EU into different countries, and destroy the EU, like he has done with Britain.
- John, Tendring, England

Heaven help us! Hasn't this EU crazed egotist done enough damage and cost us too much already. There's one thing this unpopular Govt. doesn't trust...the views of the electorate in a referendum, I wonder why?
- Marshfield, Salisbury UK

God help us. For years we knew that this is what he was aiming for but that it could happen will be the end of the United Kingdom.
- Lindy Wilson, Mersin 10, Turkey

It must have been obvious this was always Blair's ambition and he was never going to let Britain's independence stand in his way.
- Mike Carver, London

If he accepts, we will know why he betrayed us.
- Frank, Bournemouth UK

When I read a piece like this it makes the term "spin" seem inadequate!
- Ron, Brighton

I knew it, this traitor has had his eye on being President of Europe all along. In Britain's interest Brown must make it clear that any agreement signed by this creep will be null and void in two weeks time when he takes over.
- Dave, Leyland, England

Why am I not surprised by this. This man has more flees than a dog, and no scruples.
- Paul Mcgoochan, Bury St Edmunds, England

Sarkozy's judgement seems rapidly to be falling apart.
- Ger, London, England

If the Europeans are so stupid that they want a man that is hated by so many Brits and has lied about Iraq and left this country in a a mess covered by spin why are we still part of the EU.
We are being sold out and no one is stopping it!
- C Pearce, Camberley UK

Mr Blair is a disgrace, he knows without doubt that the British populace would not agree to more of our sovereign powers being given to the EU. Yet he will sign a treaty handing more power to the EU, in blatent disregard to the majorities wishes, he made a promise that we as a nation could have a referendum and refuses to give us what he promised! He does not speak for the UK, and has no mandate to sign this treaty, his parties manifesto states "Labour wants to continue with a partnership with Europe". What a partnership, they take the money, powers, give us legislation that we don't really need, tie the country down in red tape is the mistaken idea that one size fits all. Any treaty signed by him should not be recognised until we as a Nation have had our say!
- A Connor, Blackpool, Lanc's

So now we know why B'liar is so keen to sign the grubby EU constitution before he scuttles off into the undergrowth!
- Stratford, Hants

Blair should not be negotiating any new EU treaty, he is in his notice period, if he were in the private sector, this would be called a conflict of interest, and thus he would not be allowed to take part. Blair has spent tax payers money on his 'farewell tour' with the sole aim of securing his next job.
- Gordon Grove, Henlow

Blair's ruined the UK so now off he goes to turn Europe into a cesspit - and then the World no doubt !
- Graham, Uttoxeterr, UK

Yes he probably did "knife" McBroon in the back. No-one will lose any sleep over that though. The two of them together, have systematically destroyed ENGLAND, over the last 10 years. The sooner BOTH of them are gone, the better.
- Kim, Hampshire UK

11:53 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hi Irdial, good catch ! Thanks for posting these, yes I saw some of them there as well. Absolutely people know what is going on, very much so and are rightly furious about it.

And I think what is even more scary is the scale of it, and this could have been in the works for a very long time.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article! I'd already seen the 'Mail' piece before I read it here.

While I agree with you you 100%, the whole scenario begs the question of WHO, or what organisation, has been grooming Bliar for this position, because it is obvious, with hindsight, that he has been very carefully coached and groomed for years. Even as far back as the time when the late John Smith was leader of the Labour Party, maybe, before Mr Smith had his fatal heart attack, and Tone appeared out of nowhere, as it were, to take up the leadership. It does make one wonder.


11:11 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

While I agree with you you 100%, the whole scenario begs the question of WHO, or what organisation, has been grooming Bliar for this position, because it is obvious, with hindsight, that he has been very carefully coached and groomed for years.

Well, probably best not to agree with me too much, as I'm sometimes accused of being a nutcase conspiracy theorist lol.

As far as Europe goes, and the EU for a long time you've had issues of power there. There's a quote attributed to Walther Rathenau, a German industrialist, actually quite an interesting character, they say he was killed by 'right wingers' I wonder if that is actually true. The quote is something like "300 men, who chose those who will succeed them, dictate the economic affairs of Europe" or something like that.

And it's really this kind of thinking sadly which is the EU, it's not really democratic or anything, and quite frankly the reason a lot of member states got so entangled with it was just being told they had to because in case they had another WWII,

More generally, with Blair I think you have a kind of hazy different power factions who support him for perhaps different reasons, that are not all the same reasons,from petty corrupt reasons and wanting a slice of the pie and maybe a title, to more ideological reasons and as well you have this web of power in Europe, in the EC and the Bilderberg group and so on, as much as anywhere else.

People who have been major donors to Blair specifically are probably quite powerful in different areas and influential. Certainly the Lord Levy connection is very interesting as well.

7:24 PM  

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