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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BBC: report finds what everybody already knows

Well well well. Look what we have today (now yesterday) in the Daily Mail, but I'm not going to quote from their website on this as the real juicy wording and commentary is in their print edition, of which some parts I will just cite now:

"THE BBC is criticised for its 'Liberal' ('' are mine -j) leanings in an official report published today, leading to claims that the corporation is institutionally biased. BBC executives have been attacked for not reflecting a 'broader range of views; and not thinking outside its Left-leaning comfort zone'.

The report, commissioned by the BBC, also attacks the way the corporation has pandered to politically motivated celebrities such as Bob Geldof (perhaps once a genuine guy, now a figure for 'global poverty' branded internationism? -j) and allowed schedules...(now listen very carefully to this -j)..to be hijacked by special interest groups [...]

As part of the report's investigation, senior figures at the corporation were forced to admit it was guilty of promoting Left-wing views and an anti-Christian sentiment.

It was also suggested that the BBC is guilty of political correctness, the overt promotion of multiculturalism and of being anti-American and against the countryside.

[...] John Whittingdale, Tory chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee, added (and again, this is pretty important -j):

"The bias is not necessarily party political - it is the BBC view of the world, and the BBC has always found it difficult to understand there may be alternative views of the world.

The report, which has been in preparation since 2005, raises concerns that across comedy, drama and entertainment shows, the BBC has allowed itself to be used by some campaign groups. (We talked about this a little while back re: adoption agencies/gay people etc we'll come back to this another time because this is very significant to unravel -j)

[...]The report follows a speech by Paul Dacre, editor-in cheif of Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail, at the beginning of the year about the BBC's failure to reflect the broader views of British people.

What follows is from earlier in the year, which I wasn't aware of at the time, but is very important commentary:

Delivering the Hugh Cudlipp Memorial lecture in January, Mr Dacre said: 'What really disturbs me is that the BBC is, in every corpuscle of its corporate body, against the values of conservatism, with a small "c" which just happens to be the values held by millions of Britons.

It is hostile to conservatism and the traditional Right, Britain's past and British values, America, Ulster Unionism, Euroscepticism, capitalism and big business, the country-side, Christianity and family values.

Conversly, it is sympathetic to Labour, European Federalism, the State and State spending , mass immigration, minority rights, multiculturalism, alternative lifestyles, abortion and progressiveness in the education and justice systems.

During last October's impartiality summit, hosted by Sue Lawley, executives said they would happily broadcast an image of a Bible being thrown away but would not do the same for the Koran.

The BBC denied the report found any evidence of institutional bias of evidence of Left-leaning output"

I don't really know what to say at the moment, other than I disagree with the part of the report, which I don't think I quoted here which said BBC news itself isn't biased. I disagree with that, it is. But I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Do comment and be as candid you like.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This self-generated report by the BBC is nonsense. They may have paid lip service to 'liberality', but after 1945 they've had another covert agenda. For instance, when have they ever accorded the Palestinians fair reporting, or equal air time alongside whichever bombastic Israeli they have on? When did they stop using the word 'alleged' in relation to supposed terrorist acts committed by Palestinians, Arabs, or Muslims in general? Why is BBC World sponsored by the giant oil company Shell, which is taking part in the division of the oil spoils in Iraq?

Although I'm sure most of the sheeple will believe it!


This report is a red herring, a blind, the 'red pill' of the Matrix, to misdirect the licence fee payers from what is really going on.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit, I was sooo glad when I saw this report.

I think the BBC could do well to remove Richard Curtis from it's screenwriting list. He is the worst culprit. But it's those who pander to him too. The whole "Girl in the Cafe" drama was - well words cannot express!

I agree with so much of the report and I'm glad that they have been shown up like this. But will they change???

BBC news - oh yes very biased, especially when they have a new episode of Panarama to advertise and they use it every monday morning as their "headline" story.


Must add, the other day I cancelled my TV licence - I no longer watch TV and my life is muh better for it!


2:18 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Sweet Old Lady

Yes the Israel/Palestine conflict is a thorny area. As far as I am aware the BBC is sometimes accused of being too 'pro-Palestinian' by the Israelis and so on.

Shell sponsors BBC World ? I didn't know that.

Thanks for posting as always!


J: Hi, yeah well you're better off without the Tv, I don't watch a lot anymore. Certainly not the main evening news is very hard to watch, it's almost unwatchable. I have to say though the BBC is not the only guilty party at producing unwatchable nonsense and propaganda....


7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, the Beeb certainly displays the Shell logo next to its own graphic; I'm assuming there is some 'agreement' somewhere. The really bad news is that Euronews, which until its 'redesign' at the beginning of last year, did show some lesser known 'incidents' perpetrated by the Israelis against the Palestinians from a Palestinian perspective, have also quite openly been showing the Shell logo, with the words 'Sponsored by Shell' written underneath. Since then, of course, they no longer show the Palestinian perspective, and they have become decidedly more pro-Israeli. Do 2+2 make 4 here, I ask myself?

The Israeli accusation against the BBC is just an attempt at distraction, but will probably be swallowed whole by some intellectually-challenged 'pleblings'.

(I love that word; was it intentional, or a typo? Can I use it as well?)


12:02 PM  

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