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Thursday, July 05, 2007

John Pilger: The London Bombs Also Belong to the New Prime Minister


"Just as the London bombs in the summer of 2005 were Blair’s bombs, the inevitable consequence of his government’s lawless attack on Iraq, so the potential bombs in the summer of 2007 are Brown’s bombs. Gordon Brown, Blair's successor as prime minister, has been an unerring supporter of the unprovoked bloodbath whose victims now equal those of the Rwandan genocide, according to the American scientist who led the 2006 Johns Hopkins School of Public Health survey of civilian dead in Iraq. While Tony Blair sought to discredit this study, British government scientists secretly praised it as "tried and tested" and an "underestimation of mortality." The "underestimation" was 655,000 men, women and children. That is now approaching a million. It is the crime of the century.

In his first day’s address outside 10 Downing Street and subsequently to Parliament, Brown paid not even lip service to those who would be alive today had his government – and it was his government as much as Blair’s – not joined Bush in a slaughter justified with demonstrable lies. He said nothing, not a word.

He said nothing about the added thousands of Iraqi children whose deaths from preventable disease have doubled since the invasion, caused by the willful destruction of sanitation and water purification plants. He said nothing about hospital patients who die every day for want of equipment as basic as a syringe. He said nothing about the greatest refugee flight since the Palestinians’ Naqba. He said nothing about his government’s defeat in Afghanistan, and how the British army and its NATO allies are killing civilians, including whole families. Typically, on 29 June, British forces called in air strikes on a village, reportedly bombing to death 45 innocent people – almost as many as the number bombed to death in London in July 2005. Compare the reaction, or rather the silence. They were only Muslims. And Muslims are the world’s most numerous victims of a terrorism whose main sources are Washington, Tel Aviv and London.

And he said nothing about his government’s role in Afghanistan’s restoration as the world’s biggest source of opium, a direct result of the invasion of 2001. Any dealer on the streets of Glasgow will have the stuff, straight from warlords paid off by the CIA and in whose name British soldiers are killing and dying pointlessly.

He said nothing about stopping any of this. Not a word. Not a hint.

Do the dead laugh? In the new Prime Minister’s little list of priorities was "extend[ing] the British way of life."

The paymaster of the greatest British foreign policy disaster of the modern era, Brown could not even speak its name, let alone meet the military families that waited to speak to him. Three British soldiers were killed on his first day.

Has there been anything like the tsunami of unction that has engulfed the departure of Blair and the elevation of Brown? Yes, there has. Think back a decade. Blair, wrote Hugo Young of the Guardian, "wants to create a world none of us has known, where the laws of political gravity are overturned," one where "ideology has surrendered entirely to ‘values’." The new chancellor, effused the Observer, would "announce the most radical welfare Budget since the Second World war."

The "values" were fake and so was the new deal. One media-managed stunt followed another as Brown delighted the stock market and comforted the very rich and celebrated the empire, and ignored the longing of the British electorate for a restoration of public services so badly damaged by Margaret Thatcher. One of the first decisions by Harriet Harman, Blair’s first social security secretary and a declared feminist, was to abolish the single parents’ welfare premium and benefit, in spite of her pledge to the House of Commons that Labour opposed these impoverishing Tory-inspired cuts. Today, Harman is Brown’s deputy party leader and, like all of the "new faces" around the cabinet table with "plans to heal old wounds" (the Guardian), she voted for an invasion that has destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of women.

Some feminism.

And when Blair finally left, those MPs who stood and gave him a standing ovation finally certified parliament as a place of minimal consequence to British democracy. The courtiers who reported this disgrace with Richard Dimbleby royal-occasion reverence are flecked with the blood spilled by the second-rate actor and first-rate criminal. They now scramble for the latest police press release. That the profane absurdity of the going of Blair and the silence and compliance of Brown – political twins regardless of their schoolboy spats – may well have provoked the attacks on London and Glasgow is of no interest. While the crime of the century endures, there almost certainly will be others.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Pilger is an energy leech; a safety valve designed to diffuse the anger and energy of the public like the pathetic people who cry out for more demonstrations, knowing full well that they will do absolutely nothing to prevent war.

With illegal, unjustified and murderous war on Iran on the horizon, all John Pilger, whose words are regularly read by millions, is able to give us is a list of what we already know; Gordon brown is a murdering bastard, so is Bliar, Iraq is a slaughterhouse, the war is illegal.

So... what?

This article keeps intoning "and he said nothing"; actually, it is John Pilger who is saying nothing. He offers no solutions in his beautifully written, insightful and factually correct prose. What he does do however, is make people get angry in a useless and pointless way. He makes them feel reassured that they are not the only ones in the world who think like this, and, "if he is writing it, well then something will be done. At least he is free to write what he wants, so all is still well for us". This is the biggest lie of all, and John Pilger, in the act of writing like this is actually aiding the murderers Brown and BLiar, who use the example of vocal and unregulated publishing against foreign policy as proof that we are 'free' when the exact opposite is true.

Pilger says, "The paymaster of the greatest British foreign policy disaster of the modern era, Brown...".


It is your taxes that pay for the bombs that killed the 650,000 people that you whine about in your article. It is impossible that you are not aware of this. If you really cared about this, you would be doing what these people do which is withholding the money you pay utill:

A/ all war waged by the UK ceases, and all UK troops are returned to these shores.
B/ every penny spent by the UK government is accounted for in writing.

If you were not doing it yourself, you would at least be calling for it in conjunction with all the anti-war people who could rally millions in an instant.

Think about it. No one would accept 'we do not provide detailed receipts' when they go to Sainsbury's to do their shopping; quite the opposite, when you go to the supermarket you are given a detailed list of what you payed for and how much it costs. And yet, this is exactly what the UK does, and everyone accepts it. They take your money, John Pilger, and then it literally disappears without any detailed accounting of the type that businesses and individuals are compelled to provide, (and these business and individuals do not organize genocidal mass murder by the way). They say that there are no funds for nurses, but then when there is a need for war, suddenly there is an infinite abundance of money, in the billions, that can last for years. No one even asks where this money comes from. Unless you are accounted to, and you can be guaranteed that you are not paying for war, you should not be paying John; you and all the other anti-war brigade. Not only are you being cheated in terms of underfunding of crumbling UK services, but the government is using your money to murder people at the behest of foreign businessmen; money that should be spent on you and your hospitals and schools. If you do not want to see the UK embroiled in another act of genocide, then you had better act, and act in concert with the millions of people who have had enough.

Even if everything I have just said is wrong, what I have written is millions of times better than anything that John Pilger has written about the Iraq war, because I have actually provided a solution, that if everyone followed (even if 50% of people in the UK followed) would totally derail the war machine.

People who do not provide solutions are part of the problem. John Pilger, StopWar, Chakrabati and all the usual suspects are safety valves that drain away the public's will and understanding that they have the ultimate power right at their fingertips. Their complete lack of imagination, failure to take history into account, failure to galvanize their constituencies, and refusal to stop paying for murder makes them as guilty as Bliar, Brown and the murder cabinet, because their inaction gives the murderers license to keep on killing. Their useless rallying of the public into petition signing, demonstrating and other impotent nonsense is just what the murderers want. They are way ahead of you Pilger. They know the TRUE dynamics of this, and they love it when you write these articles because it demonstrates that you and the anti-war mob still don't get it, and in fact are very far away from getting it, meaning that they have plenty of time to do everything they want to do, by which time it will be too late to stop it.

We have had enough of these articles by the likes of John Pilger, that end with nothing, leaving us hanging and the ordinary fed up man saying, "well, what can we do about it?". I do not want to read another "Brilliant John Pilger piece" or another "great special comment from Olbermann"; these superstar journalists who can remember every fact about an atrocity, who are paid to do so and to tell us about it while the taxs on their wages are used to perpetrate the very genocide that makes us sick and that they then again report to us to keep us quiet and wondering, "why is Olberman allowed to say this on MSNBC." Think 'Dogs eating their own vomit'. Enough is enough. Either shit or get off of the pot; provide a solution or stop writing, organizing, 'special' commenting and time-wasting it is as simple as that. You are working for the enemy every time you put pen to paper or open your mouths.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jultra,

I hope the reason you haven't changes your page for a while is because you are on holiday enjoying yourself somewhere.

I thought you might like to see this:


A few paltry million for flood relief; a National Health service in shambles; pensioners living below the poverty line, but enough money to find 7.7 BILLION for two new aircraft carriers?

Is it my priorities that are wrong?

What a scumbag Reiver Brown is! This must be the real reason for that 'slush fund' he has been accumulating over the past few years.

All the best


1:26 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hi. I've had a difficult year and apologies to everybody.

I hear you anon, and I think I'm basically coming round to the view you were right.

And sweet old lady, I don't know what to say. I really don't understand some of these polls.

I tried to work hard really since last year or before to tell people about Brown.

Unfortunately, really since the elections in the US, this has had an effect of calming everyone down a little bit, and taking the drive out of the global 'movement'.

It seems that if what's in the papers is true, quite a lot of people have almost forgiven Brown. It's extraordinary.

You see in a way anon is right, all the talk, all the best rhetoric in the world is not stopping anything. It is making people aware of it but it's not stopping anything.

There are very powerful forces behind all this and there is no counter force in the establishment or outside of it.

If you're around still do listen to the interview I just posted above.

7:34 AM  

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