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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The BNP List affair

Whatever one thinks of the BNP, and whoever leaked this membership list for whatever reason (seems to be some internal warfare with an ex-employee), this act is an a pretty outrageous attempt to inflict damage on a political party.

Equally outrageous and utterly unacceptable is people already being sacked or threatened to be so from their jobs or close enough over this, including as I understand it police officers. Why on earth are they banned from belonging to the BNP ? It all just illustrates the perverse and extremely dangerous culture of politically correct witch hunts we now live in). Others in trouble include a teacher and radio host.

But this episode fits with the underlying trend, that can barely be concealed in the BBC's own reporting, to delegitimise people's political inclinations that don't fit the current sinister shape of endlessly and pointless trying to reinforce inclusivity and equality over anything else and brandishing those things not as virtuous ideals but as appalling weapons against the population itself.

And that situation is utterly wrong and far more a negative reflection of those doing the applauding, or those doing the sacking than anybody on this list who have every right to support the political party they choose.

If you want to publish and damn a list of distorted lunatics who have done incredible damage to the UK please publish the entire Labour Party membership for the last 12 years, along with lists of supine civil servants, cretinous council commissars and worthless gutter cowards in the press cheer leading it all on.

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