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Sunday, November 23, 2008

EU 2025: crippled by bickering and that citizens don't want it

Quite a few people have reported on this Global Trends 2025 document by the US, which amongst other things has some pretty interesting stuff about the EU in there. Loved that image by the way whoever did that, very much along the lines of my own thinking.

"EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - By 2025, the European Union will be a "hobbled giant" crippled by internal bickering and a eurosceptic citizenry. Eastern European organised crime could dominate one or more member state governments, and the bloc will likely be kowtowing to Moscow after having failed at all attempts to wean itself from Russian energy supplies."

It talks about the 'European public being alienated by a perceived democratic deficit' Nothing merely perceived about it of course.

read more here... or the report itself.

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