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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MP's Expenses scandal

Sorry guys, I just don't buy this stuff about MPs' expenses. One can only guess what it may really be hiding, but this (aka sleaze) appears to be the way of getting rid of a weak government that's no longer able to inflict some of the most extreme policies and as well punishing a few individuals who have stepped out of line along the way.

As someone said to me recently, why didn't all this happen during the lead up to the Iraq War ? Well there's your answer in the question. Because the Iraq War was good, why on Earth would you want to punish a government that's doing what it's supposed to.

And of course, it's not just the Telegraph. Just to illustrate, astonishing as it is, the New York Times was effectively calling for regime change in the UK, no ambiguity about it.

This is the level of it. No disguise anymore.

The media, the concentrations of power that own that media want to just get rid of this government now. And I have to say I do feel somewhat sorry for Gordon Brown, who's just under extreme political pressure and attacks from everyone from the Daily Telegraph to the New York Times, some of which are frankly ludicrous and puerile.

Gordon Brown's mistake was trying to a cut deal with the devil (Blair) early on, you just can't do that. What should have happened, after the second term, Brown should have stepped up, declared the Iraq War and the police state an outrage, profusely apologized for his role in supporting those things, and stepped aside as a leader in waiting. Effectively started Labour again overtly rather than trying to play the political game and not rocking the boat. Big mistake.

I should say I don't believe for a second Gordon Brown was ever close to that, but it should have happened. Now the Labour government is effectively disintegrating before our eyes, for all the wrong reasons.

I said it before, and boring as it is I'll say it again: don't try to think for a second, as the media want you to, that the real crime of Labour or MP's in general is this expense stuff. Yes there are some grotesque examples and some silly stuff but it's just in reality nothing to what they have created, presided over and voted for.

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