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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blair: 'Respect my political police state'

"Tony Blair today launched his flagship third-term social policy, the "respect action plan", which will see a national parenting academy, possible temporary evictions of troublesome families, and greater powers to involve the police on community issues. More than a dozen ministers are launching the plan nationwide, after the PM gave a breakfast time speech in Downing Street and a series of TV interviews to unveil the 40-page programme of incentives and punishments across housing, schooling, the judicial system and parenting." Guardian

I'm lost, why does Blair think he has any entitlement to be calling for respect ? Worse still, the Labour party have put up a petition asking you to 'sign up' to this 'respect' agenda, truly underlying it's entirely political motivation and premise and the desire to manufacture consent and legitimacy by presenting you with yet another false choice. (A bit like that AOL ad huh ?)

As for what Blair says about it, it's the same sound-bytes and doublespeak again and again and again:

Doublespeak: "My view is very clear - their freedom to be safe from fear comes first"

Yet there is no such thing as "freedom to be safe from fear", which is a bizarre double-layered oxymoron and an offensive meaningless nonsense, designed to divert you away from the the destruction of your real freedom. It's like saying there is a 'freedom' to be safe from getting a cold, or a 'freedom' not to fall down the stairs. That isn't a freedom and is an offensive misuse of the word.

But then how can you be 'free' to be 'safe' from anything anyway ?

Of course, endlessly developing the UK police-state by stripping actual freedom away, and calling the result 'freedom', is an unbearable defilement of freedom itself and an intolerable condition not worth having.

It is astonishing that Blair thinks that if he keeps refering to this choking tyranny and despotic globalism as 'freedom' and 'liberty' then that will somehow magically make it so.

Doublespeak: "We need a radical new approach if we are to restore the liberty of the law-abiding citizen"

We certainely need a radical new approach to doublespeak, and the use of this type of phraseology by politicians.

Reality: The liberty of all citizens has been quietly massacred and raped by Blair, under a quarter of a billion pounds worth of CCTV cameras (some systems with facial recognition, more intended), a political shoot-to-kill police force who are told to re-educate the public politically and who make investigation of 'people who question whether two homosexual men should raise a child' a 'priority issue' 1. The same police who under the enthusiasm of the Home Office are creating a DNA stockpile of the population that is set to reach for 4.2 million people 2 in 2 years time. and who can now arrest people for anything, and photograph them. Where people can get pre-emptive life sentences for setting fire to wheelie bins 3. Where medical records are uploaded to a massive government database, where your internet surfing will be retained for up to 2 years, where the intention is to force you into the biometric slave-grid (ID cards), or lock you up for 1-3 months or put you under house arrest. Or now there is 'ABSO TV' where you can pay to subscribe to CCTV feeds, a truly disgusting attempt to legitimize and make people feel part of the nauseating tyranny that is being deployed. How on Earth can you talk about respect when people's lives are to be paraded as part of a humilating citizen spying campaign ? It's just sickening to me.

Restoring liberty first means removing all of the above.

Under the Blair regime here has been a deliberate and unrelenting pursuit toward blurring the distinction between freedom and captivity as if this gap between the two were the obstacle to everything including traffic congestion, healthcare, 'fighting crime' and now 'restoring respect'.

The resulting abnormal mess is neither life nor liberty, but a sickening, intolerable political police state constructed entirely by exploiting loopholes in people's expectation, good will and experience, as well as feeble or non-existent legal guarantees of privacy, enormous sums spent on technology, twisting the debate away from what is happening and hoping no one will notice along with the endlesss manufacturing of consent, the results of which should shame every single person in the Unitied Kingdom.

And what's more, they do. Just speak to people. No one supports what is happening. People with any grain of reality are appalled and terrified and angered by it.

Sound-byte: "Britain was fighting 21st crime with 19th-century methods"

Unsurprisingly, this is a widely used international sound-byte that keeps coming up, often used to fabricate necessity for new assaults on your freedom. Replace blanks with whatever you wish:

We are fighting 21st century _____ with 19th/20th-century methods

The actual reality is, Britain and the world are fighting 21st century corruption and tyranny with 20th-century expectations of how to deal with it. People simply were not geared up toward dealing with the threat, particularly technological, posed by the elite and their pet project which has help formed basis of the new tyranny: globalism.

"If his father or grandfather were brought forward in time to see the society of the 21st century, they would marvel at the technological advances and new freedoms, said Mr Blair "

What new freedoms ? The 'freedom' to be watched and recorded and monitored by CCTV cameras and microphones ? The 'freedom' to have your car journey tracked across the country 4 ? The 'freedom' to have your DNA (the blueprint for you physically) permanently stockpiled within a government police-state database ? The 'freedom' to be made to have and carry an ID card ? The 'freedom' to be pre-emptively assimilated into the ID-slave grid ?

But don't worry. You are all equal slaves on this political technological plantation, your day to day life, your experiences, your interactions are the property of this political police state, and if we keep refering to this nouveau-slavery as freedom, if we keep saying it's just all part of the hustle and bustle of modern world you will believe it.

Remember: it is communities that defeat tyranny.


Blogger Gert said...

With Blair everything comes full circle every now and again.

The "management speak" gets worse and worse and people are buying into it less and less.

Great post...

10:31 AM  
Blogger Richard said...


I'll certainly second gert's 'motion'. It is a great post.

11:49 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hey thanks guys and you know I agree it's not really working or fooling anybody anymore. You would think they would start to get the message by now..

7:18 PM  
Blogger Gothamimage said...

What's your view on Cameron - Is he someone who will stem the tide on this stuff? Law and order, the new code word for the labour?

Just writing from the USA, so stop by our blog.

That's good indictment you put togther- pretty sad, Blair is so fluid in his BS that it's mesmerizing from afar.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Gert said...


You're gonna love this: Non-speeding motorist banned from driving for making V-sign to speed camera!

1:10 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...


Cameron (and Gert may agree) is trying to give himself a makeover a bit to move to this nebulous 'center ground' and play Blair at his own game. Hopefully Cameron is just playing a clever game in that respect. There are a lot of dangers in doing that though, and a lot of questions about Cameron too.

Brown (who sold his soul for power with Blair) is panicking over Cameron somewhat and wants to be let out his box and is positioning himself for that now, even going so far as to plan a baby in time for his sheduled ascendency so as to impress Rupert Murdoch.

At the end of the day, no one believes in this kind of politics anymore, it's soiled useless garbage much like Bush v Kerry. It's also very dangerous, and really there has been a political collapse here thanks to Blair.

Law and order is the excuse to rewrite society from the top down, this grand-chessboard type ideology of Blair who is a true-believer in the new slavery.

Before, from all the main parties it was always 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' now for Blair it's all about removing humanity altogether with law and order as the excuse. Of course, if you keep pulling around with the law, keep introducing new ways of controlling society, keep picking away at privacy then 'law and order' itself doesn't actually mean a whole lot anymore. It's that singularity we are fast approaching.

Thanks a lot for posting and please stand up against this same evil in your own great country, what happens in America has a big impact here of course. The US Constitution is the only one that means anything in the world and we know the Neocons are obsessed with destroying it.

And Gert, thanks for that and shows exactly what we are talking about. We are in a lot of trouble and the writing was on the wall sometime ago. I would be quite interested in some sort of protest against CCTV, perhaps people holding up signs in front of cameras for several minutes saying "I am not a slave" or something.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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