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Monday, January 02, 2006

Faustian deal: Gordon Brown's political legacy

Gordon Brown"One of the Prime Minister's closest allies yesterday accused Gordon Brown's supporters of a deluded 'Alice in Wonderland' plan to force Tony Blair out of Downing Street. In an attack which signalled the end of the Blair-Brown truce sealed in last year's election campaign, he said the Chancellor's camp would drag Labour back into the past, even though Brown made 'phone calls to trusted editors saying he's in favour of New Labour reforms" Observer

Hilarious, isn't it ? Brown wants desperately to be let out of his box. He's getting anxious and afraid as he sees the ruin Blair has done to the country and the Labour party which are set to obliterate his own chances. And what exactly is 'democratic' about Gordon Brown wanting his 'smooth transition', expecting it in the first place ? What an obscene arrogant joke. The Observer article displays the gory hunger and desperation setting in. Blair, of course, should have been out of a job ages ago, but Brown as his accomplice, who sold his soul deserves never to taste the power he thinks is due.

"In comments that will anger Brown, who hates being portrayed as an obstacle to change, the former cabinet minister said that instead of uniting behind New Labour reforms and fighting Cameron for Britain's political centre ground, the Chancellor's supporters 'want Blair to leave, and argue that Blair, by being Blair, is dividing the party."

Meanwhile David Cameron said:

"I find [him] awful because it's just like listening to a speak-your-weight machine on propaganda." [...] He called the chancellor "extreme", "awful" and a "creature of the past" in an interview with the Sunday Times.

Poor Gordon. It may be rather doubtful that Brown will ever be prime minister, well for longer that a few minutes. He was sold as the left's reward for years of Blair, and as kind of steadying vaguely 'grass roots' factor that might somehow temper the more radical ideologies of his pact-partner.

But no doubt, Blair merely rode the Labour donkey whilst dangling out a carrot on a string in the shape of Gordon Brown, who has amounted to nothing but a used pawn and useful ornament to fool old school Labour leanings and thereby sacrificing them to Blair in doing so...

Brown only has himself to blame. He stood by while Blair relished in the blood of his invasion of Iraq, after he had literally been caught cooking up evidence for it and repeatedly lying about the pretext for his war, presiding over and participating in a world torture programme and creating a domestic dehumanizing police state which have guaranteed Brown his place in history as the appalling coward and used, manipulated buffoon that never was, unable to challenge his master for fear of upsetting his own strategic leadership goals.

That is Gordon Brown's legacy. It is a fitting one for a compromised prostitute who ultimately put his personal ego and vanity and gain above all other values, and simultaneously let himself be used as a token trinket to distract many in the Labour party for almost a decade.

Brown's own cowardice, monstrous ego and hunger for future power resulted in him becoming the docile accessory and consistent enabler to Blair's unprecedented reign of horror. It would appear Brown essentially and unconditionally sold his soul to Blair right at the outset for a future promise of power over that intimate dinner at the Granita restaurant, an event which Brown has never denied. Demonstrably, only Brown's total and unrestricted oath of passivity and restraint, no matter what Blair did, would permit his ascendancy. It doesn't get any worse.

As the Guardian back in Sept 2004 reported:

"A minister who quit over the invasion of Iraq yesterday said swapping Gordon Brown for Tony Blair was not the way to improve the government's popularity because he too backed the war on Iraq. [..] the former Home Office minister John Denham said it was an "illusion" to think the government's problems could be solved "by changing someone at the top" because members of the cabinet were equally responsible"

Ironically though, other reports indicate Brown keeping his head down, and shuffling around with his own paperwork during cabinet meetings leading up to the war. The cabinet itself has also been utterly vestigal under Blair, decisions were not taken via the cabinet, who mostly consist of paid yes-men and clueless dimwitted bimbos who don't have a view or worthwhile contribution themselves. Blair has always and deliberately maintained an extremely weak cabinet.

Inevitably, the various and trivial Blair-Brown differences on other issues could ultimately be used to give the impression of debate, thereby actually helping the Blair-fronted regime to manufacture legitimacy for whatever they wanted.

In the case of the war, perhaps he also thought it politically advantageous to let Blair go ahead, hoping that the prime minister may be politically damaged enough to be ousted. Well that happened, but grotesquely Blair is still there. And now Brown is getting desperate, anxiously and monstrously spinning to the press that he will solve the enormous constitutional crisis that his own docility, fear, bought silence and democracy-subverting power-sharing-pact helped create.

Gordon Brown would be fortunate if he were merely to be forgotten as an historical stain on the wall. But he will forever be perceived as a political whore, and a used pawn, who's ego, vanity and ambition made him easy to manipulate. Someone who compromised everything, who spent a decade in office serving as a trinket distraction to placate sections of the Labour party with, and never rocking the boat, even endorsing and funding the murder of thousands on a pack of lies, so as not to upset his awaited moment of glory.

Meanwhile, he masturbated his own ego and unquestionably rubber-stamped every part of the exploding decay that has now taken over the political establishment and the country as a whole for his own personal gain. When people look back on this dreadful era, this Chancellor's name will be there.

That is how history will judge Gordon Brown. It is a cruel joke played on a man to one day promise him power, but it is a distinct possibility that Brown sold everything he had, including his judgement, his integrity and his very soul to the devil in this faustian pact and fittingly, he will end up with nothing as a result. And whether it was Brown's own political cowardice and greed, or his unwillingness to break this unholy treaty, that is exactly what he deserves.


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