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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sir Ian Blair tried to stop shooting inquiry

As if it couldn't get worse, it is revealed, Sir Ian Blair attempted to stop the independent external investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes

According to senior police and Whitehall sources, Sir Ian was concerned that an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission could impact on national security and intelligence. He was also understood to be worried that an outside investigation would damage the morale of CO19

So based on this and yesterday's ITV report, let us not mince words, an enormous web of lies was spun by Met Cheif Sir Ian Blair, who all the while was trying to stop the IPCC get at the truth.

I think realistically it has to be early retirement for you Blair, along with another inquiry about you. How you got to be knighted, well... the mind boggles.

IPCC kept away from Crime scene

...the IPCC was kept away from Stockwell tube in south London, the scene of the shooting, for a further three days. This runs counter to usual practice, where the IPCC would expect to be at the scene within hours.

Personally, I'm tired of wrong doing and blunders being swept under the carpet under the banner of this secret national security crap. I'm tired of all this talk about secret trials, secret judges, secret evidence. The most important thing, is not secret anything, it is the truth. And although rotten entities like New Labour in the UK and the Neocon regime in the US have tried to poison, twist and devalue truth by saying up is down and white is black it will never stop the truth being the truth, which will always surface in these situations. Trying to sit on what really happened like a corrupt dictator from a banana republic, especially when it relates to a shocking state sponsored execution is one of the most the vile acts possible.

Soldier involved

It was also disclosed last night in documents leaked to ITV News that a soldier played a crucial role in the surveillance operation that led up to the shooting. The soldier was stationed outside a block of flats where police believed two terrorist suspects lived.

Martial Law anyone ?

Both Blairs culpable

Speaking from Brazil, Mr de Menezes's cousin, Alex Alves Pereira, said: "The officers who have done this have to be sent to jail for life because it's murder and the people who gave them the order to shoot must be punished. They should lock them up and throw away the key. They murdered him."

Mr Pereira added that both Sir Ian and Tony Blair shared the officers' culpability. "They are the really guilty ones," he said.

I think that says it all perfectly.


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