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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Thoughts on Robin Cook and Blair laws

I've been too busy to write anything for the last few days but I am very sad about Robin Cook who had the courage to stand up to the rubbish justifications of the Iraq War.

The world has lost a great person, who unlike most of the corrupt performing seals in that cabinet knew and valued what was right.

I can't pretend I'm not more than a little cynical. I can't pretend the first thing on hearing the tragic news was exactly the same thing that went through my mind when Dr Kelly died and I imagine the small number of you who currently read my blog feel exactly the same. Maybe that is just human nature. Anyway that's all I'm going to say for now on that, but I'm very sad.

Now on a totally different subject:

Tony the terrified

Blair looks a little nervous in that shot doesn't he ? Perhaps he is worried that some may see through his tissue of spin. Perhaps he has something else on his mind.

I haven't got time to go over all of Blair's new terror law proposals right now, suffice to say this was interesting:

if we can achieve democracy in certain countries that starts to send a very diffierent signal

I wonder if the great Bliar meant:

if we can impose democracy in certain countries that starts to send a very diffierent signal

Seriously, who would want Bliar's twisted form of 'democracy' ? Blair has sullied and distorted the meaning of democracy. Blair's concept of democracy is about as worthwhile as the Saddam dictatorship he illegally helped overthrow in Iraq.

Oh don't laugh, there are a lot of similarities; the endless denial, the lies, one mastermind surrounded by a cadre of corrupt buffoons, death squads..?

Something else that caught my ear in that speech (Slight paraphrasing):

...only becomes a problem when people are withdrawn from the common culture, the mainstream

What is the "common culture" in the UK anymore ? Drinking tea, tying a hanky round your head, putting on a string vest and watching the Queen?

I wonder if by the common culture Blair means a government loving, keep your head down and shut up, vacuous Big Brother culture ?

Anyway someone let me know, I must be missing out.


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