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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Unrespected Geoff Hoon re-appears

Geoff demands respect
HoonGeoff "I demand you respect me" Hoon, demoted illegal war lackey of Tony Blair and widely accepted face of New Labour sickliness came on National TV to use the attempted 21st July bombings to make an ill-advised, opportunistic plug for ID Cards.

Cowardly Hoon, tried to say the alledged escaped bomber who went to Rome would not have been let out the country had he been carrying an ID Card.

BBC broadcaster Peter Sissons put it to Hoon that his passport simply wasn't examined properly, prompting the demoted marionette to come out with this gem.

Sissons asked the right question but didn't press him on the point, fuelling speculation that his journalistic skills are sometimes about as good as a wet biscuit.

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