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Friday, July 29, 2005

(In)direct racketeering from Terrorism

So the police nab the entire July 21st gang; in Notting Hill, then in North Kensington and then in Rome. Another guy is arrested in Zambia, alledged to have contacted the July 7th suspects involved. Quite a day's catch. Meanwhile two bombs go off in Spain, and the horror continues in Iraq.

And yesterday there was the IRA's announcement, which everyone decided to ignore the timing of.

Now there is one face that keeps popping up whenever a terrorist related incident occurs in the UK and it's not Osama Bin Laden.

The emerging face of terrorism is Dr Sally Leivesley who is regularly parachuted into live news items on the BBC to enlighten viewers with a running commentary on everything terroresque.

Who is Dr Sally Leivesley ? Leivesley is part of the booming industry of so called 'risk assement' and 'security companies', whom you cannot move for these days.

What does it take to become a security expert ? Some knowledge. Some gullible clients. And plenty of FUD.

Leivesley is part of a group of organizations with a vested financial interest in the War on Terror to help sell concepts like CCTV, ID Cards, RFID, implanted chips and a host of vapourware emergency strategies for enterprise and governments.

The more terrorism, the better for her; she makes money. Without terrror, without the fear of terror she would be out of work. It's that simple.

It may take a cold heart to describe her as a professional seller of snake oil, but there is nothing cyncial in saying Leivesley makes her money off of the back of human misery and disaster. Her comments on the original tube bombings were little more than one enormous advert for her industry which has ballooned since 9/11.

If giant faceless businesses want to piss their money down the toilet on enormously expensive internal security strategies that may well end up invading the privacy of employees and customers...well... that's bad enough and needs urgent attention. But it's the influence these kind of security consultants have with governments and the public at large that deserves enormous scrutiny.

Dr Sally Leivesley Snakeoil


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