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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Labour try to keep the lid on things

A bit out of date with stuff here but we have Ministers deny Cook was lined up as deputy PM under a Gordon Brown leadership and the Times reporting that yet more (do we need more?) potentially damning Iraq War emails are being kept hidden by the Bliar government.

A senior source at the Department for Constitutional Affairs, which Falconer heads, said colleagues had been been “s***ing” themselves that the Morgan e-mails would be released after No 10 went against precedent and released Goldsmith’s full legal advice during the election.

I bet they were. The first post I ever wrote in this blog started "It is a strange time". And it is strange to say the least that the UK has a completely discredited lying traitor for a Prime Minister kept alive by the most bumbling, weak, spineless lap dogs the world has seen. Astounding. Amazing.


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