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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

EU hungry to snoop on internet users

EU is doomed. Globalizating, one federal state, corrupt, unaccountable, laden with ridiculous laws and bureaucracy and red tape. posioned sovereign nations brought into pathetic compliance
Courtesy of of ABC News Au via infowars:

The European Commission has adopted proposals to log details of all telephone, Internet, and e-mail traffic, to combat terrorism and serious crime.

The push for EU-wide data storage came after the Madrid bomb attacks last year, and intensified after the London bomb attacks in July, when Britain took over the rotating EU

This is a massively hot topic, now I must try to make a distinction between Clarke (Blair)'s proposals and these proposals these which have come out of the European Commision; I got that wrong once before in my haste.

Now I did write a huge piece on that(Blair's mad proposals) recently then pulled the article, after reading something on the Guardian's site which seem to throw a bit of my info into doubt. This is a very big, hot, confusing and sensitive topic of course, but a rewritten version will re-appear. Very difficult to get good info on this from the internet itself, and one needs to dig a little deeper to uncover the reality, but jultra shall..


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