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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ian Blair wants soldiers as armed police

'ello, 'ello, 'ello, if isn't Commissioner Murderer, Sir Ian "Order out of Chaos" Blair telling us he now wants to use soldiers for firearms duties in the police'.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair called on officers to be "bold" and consider a range of radical changes to police pay and working practices.
Sir Ian's proposals on using soldiers as firearms officers are hugely controversial after the mistaken shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in July.
"Could we bring staff directly in from the armed forces, give them a small amount of basic training and then clear instructions as to their firearms duties," he said.

Poor Sir Ian Blair, it must be tough at top being so corrupt, stained, discredited, crap, useless and pathetic while trying sweep his bungling murders under the carpet. (On that subject it now emerges that Blair and Blunkett were told of a secret shift to a "shoot-to-kill" policy three years ago).

Could it get any worse ? Any more depraved and sickly ? If I were one of the good Met officers out there I certainely couldn't serve a day under this disgusting clown.


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