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Friday, August 19, 2005

Embattled false info police chief limps on

Embattled Met Commisoneer Sir Ian Blair who fed the public utterly invented and deceitful information on the state sponsored murder of Jean Charles de Menezes which he later refused to correct whilst trying to stifle the official investigation into the matter so far defies continued calls for his resignation, despite looking more and more disposable as every minute passes.

Desperate Blair, still in a state of denial and spin over the incident, and it's enormous implications seems intent to continue as he began by sweeping damning criticism under the carpet.

Many feel that however Sir Ian "Order out of chaos" Blair has tried to explain himself will still be inadequate considering it was his job to be in possession of correct and accurate information and to report that to the public. It was also his job to correct any false information on the execution. Additionally, it was his job to follow the rules on immediately allowing the IPCC to begin their investigation.

Solicitor Tony Murphy, an independent member of the IPCC advisory group, said it was "shocking" that the police did not make immediate contact with the IPCC.

Disgraced embattled Met police chief Sir Ian Blair

Hopelessly embattled Blair, who likes to keep things under wraps confessed:

"These allegations strike to the heart of the integrity of the police and integrity of the Met"


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