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Sunday, October 02, 2005

EU Super state law crushes all

EU is doomed. Globalizating, one federal state, corrupt, unaccountable, laden with ridiculous laws and bureaucracy and red tape. posioned sovereign nations brought into pathetic compliance
Infowars reports:

Towards the EU Police State: EU Criminal Law Overrides Member States

National Platform EU Research and Information Centre, Ireland
September 30, 2005

The EU has been given the power to compel the national courts of its 25 Member States to fine or imprison people for breaking EU laws, even if a country's own Government and Parliament are opposed.

An unprecedented ruling yesterday by the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg gives Brussels the power to introduce harmonised criminal law across the EU, creating for the first time a body of European criminal law that all Member States must adopt.

The judgment by the EU supreme court was opposed by 11 EU Governments - Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France,the UK, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

In principle the judgement gives the EU the power to impose criminal sanctions for all breaches of EU law. It greatly extends the power of the non-elected Brussels Commission, which would have the exclusive right to propose such criminal sanctions, to be adopted by majority vote of the Council of Ministers.

I told you guys, but oh no, "Europe gooooooooood. Superstate gooooooooooooood. Run by Brussels gooooooooooooood. No power of self-determination goooooooooooooood. Unaccountable gooooooooooooood. Corrupt Europe goooooooooooooooood."

Time for secession.

The EU was the biggest fattest pile of steaming cat shit ever envisaged. It was a solution looking for a problem, explained as a kind of post-war glue (pushed by an elitist post war guilt) that would acheive an ambiguous something that no one needed or wanted, and very few understood anyway.

Of course, it has acheived nothing but enslavement, ultra-bureaucracy, corruption and the pissing down the toilet of enormous sums of member state money on a potty, sad neo-socialist pile of pigeon droppings. "But hey man, Europe is like Goooood cop, to America which is like baaaaaaad cop." Don't be fooled. Europe in every facet is a wet blanket, and it is now time for the EU to die. It it will in time and we can all look forward to that day. But instead of the EU putting an end to war, by it's very nature it will create war and that is a certainty.

But hey, if that is what we must go through to kill this beast, so be it.


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