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Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Labour and the grovelling unions

Trade unions: ultimately enslaved, castrated and obedient, subservient in their propping up of New Labour. Sure they wriggle a bit, there's the odd strike here and there and they say the war should stop from time to time, but what's new ?

It's no so much the concept of unions were ever bad, it was good as far as it went, but I guess it all got corrupted, politicized and brought under commercial control some time ago. Perhaps one symptom of this are the union leaders. Shocking communists, like something out of Animal Farm, they think societies like Cuba and China are just dandy while they take big salaries+perks and go for luxury champagne filled holidays, nice little breaks to watch the football or spend '£800'(?) of union funds on a curry(?!) and another £520.00 on binge drinking.

And look only weeks ago:

Amicus could well amalgamate with the T&G and possibly the GMB to form a new super union

Nice, very nice. What a gift for the globalists shadowy forces running the UK, one blob to infect, one voice to globularize and manipulate.

Of course that suits Blair and Brown just perfectly, they just love having a corrupted pathetic sniveling union base to dictate globalism to. It's so ridiculous it's laughable. And when the roots of leftism are always rotten to the core, it makes the raping and pillaging all the easier.

"Many not the few" zzzzzzZZZ

Do you get it unions ? Not yet. Ok, let's spell it out for you.

Thatcher silenced you, and that was pretty nasty, she fought dirty, but Blair has gleefully kept you in your cage, occasionally throwing you a few crumbs. I can't help thinking that part of the reason Thatcher got her way, and why Blair has carried on her tradition is because you knew deep-down you had become bad, silly, shit-filled and deserving of your own demise.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not saying kicking swathes of people out of jobs is nice or ok, or the closure of entire industries was right. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the structure of the unions, their ideologies, their culture, their ambitions. I'm sure there are many well intentioned good people who are members of, or support trade unions, but you have to ask, what has it actually acheived politcally in the UK other than continuing to prop up the most insideous murderous goverment that has long since distanced itself from whatever you once stood for.

A couple of weeks back:

The "Big Four" trade union leaders - Dave Prentis, Derek Simpson, Tony Woodley and Paul Kenny - agreed at a private dinner last Wednesday not to issue Brown a blank cheque in the Labour contest to succeed Blair. Brother Brown in turn is refusing to bend the knee to the unions and say what they want him to hear.

But we can already see why you will blindly write out your blank cheque to Gordon "Oh but he's more socialist than Blair" Brown. Why bother even existing anymore ? What exactly is it you are a voice of these days ? You don't hold any swagger or sway with New Labour , they just use you as a beacon of 'oh but we are a little bit of old labour still, can't you see'?

It's the executives and the shareholders New Labour are commited to, it ain't you.

Brilliant piece of corruption, Blair pisses all over you and you lap it up like the craven dogs you are, whimpering and cowering while scraping the grease off that blue collar. Sure you object to it, but where's your real solidarity with the kids your masters have blown to shreds with cluster bombs in Iraq, you simpering useless donkeys ?

Where is your formal objection to ID cards that your paymasters are hinting you will need, to be able to work for them at all ?

Where is your action on your employer spying on you via CCTV and reading your email, other than dishing out insipid leaflets on the subject ?

Where is your condemnnation over your supreme leader giving a permanent blow job to the most corrupt psychopath ever to be President of the USA ?

Too stupid to realise that left-right politics are officially closed, concluded and buried; the paradigm shifing to freedom-slavery. So while you are still bumbling around with your shop-stewards, blue collars, communism masquerading as workers rights, and pretending to yourself that New Labour == Old Labour, the rest of the world has moved on, including your own corrupt leaders leaving the rabble with false messages and old lies, while they go on holiday.

The multinationals rule the world, the Military-Industrial Complex rules the world, and what have you done about that other than pissing your hard earned funds into fat salaries for drunken despots who support Chairman Mao?

A diagnosis has been made. New Labour are diseased and they need putting out of their misery. But one set of people who could help end this nightmare, would instead rather cling onto their hopeless wet dream: 'things are going to get back to normal when Gordon Brown takes over'

Fine. Be enslaved, it suits you down to the ground, it's where you belong.


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