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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Private England

So Private Lynndie England gets just three years

One thing with Lynndie England is her trailer-park trashness which she positively reeks of, and which I'm sorry to say rather a large chunk of the less-skilled, disposable cannon-fodder areas of the US military reek of. No doubt that is the easiest group to manipulate and get to take the rap for you.

England deserved (bigger) punishment for her war crimes, but the buck should never have stopped there, as the article on Prison Planet describes.

England, and others like her and have brought waves of shame and disgrace on the now established sickening lie of a war. She has painted an already hopelessly stained Bush, Cheney and their globalist economic masters with yet more depravity. But of course she was just a pathetic porn in the Neocon scheme. And I have to say I tend to take the view that the release of her disgusting photos (and therefore the entire abuse policy) was deliberately engineered:

1) to cause more hatred in the Middle East and amongst the Muslim world, to prolong the War on Terror

2) to condition the West that Neocon (and Blairite) torture is gooooooood and acceptable and sometimes neccessary to fight 'terror'

3) to condition everyone into accepting that human life is cheap; torture, humiliation and state-sponsored obscenity are to be accepted as 'normal' in the New World Order

America (not Americans, most if not all recognize the Bush regime for the poisonous nonsense it is) as a public brand has never been more in the gutter, more soiled, more trampled upon, more scandalous than it is today, all because of a handful of rogue elements who have deliberately steered the USA into the toilet for their own disgusting reasons.

Meanwhile a reasonably paid job, some property and a car or two is still enough to rally a desperate handful of foaming Neocon fans to fly their Made in China US Flags towards a rotten-to-the-core puppet President.

As the bad troops are (ordered to keep) murdering, raping and torturing Iraqis as well as creating obscene pornography with their corpses, the official line is to write it off as isolated, 'high spirits", and not symptomatic of a higher chain of command.

And while coalition forces are sent to their own deaths on a pack of lies they might stop to consider what they are actually fighting for (Halliburton, other multinationals, the values of the PNAC doctrine ? You tell me)


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