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Saturday, September 24, 2005

MP Hughes (and jultra): jail instead of ID Card

From ePolitix.com

Leading Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes has said he is prepared to face jail rather than carry a compulsory identity card.

In an interview with ePolitix.com, the Lib Dem president also said there are no government concessions capable of winning his party's support.

He also suggested that the policy could be dropped if the chancellor succeeds Tony Blair as prime minister.

Good man Simon, and great words. At least some politcians are out there with the right mood on this, personally though it seems you may have been a little too cautious with your words, being made to have an id card at all is I think the real line in the sand, especially when we see big business (oh what a suprise) now threatening to make their workers have an ID Card. Truly sad, but not surprising, considering that government and large corporations are now one blurry blob and must be treated as such. No matter, companies that insist can be exposed to potential employees as something to avoid at all costs.

You can bet jultra will be joining you in prison over this for sure Simon. Sorry Tony, I will never have a UK ID Card. Never. If that means prison for me, good. Not a lot of difference anyway; ID Card (or rather the ID databse is little more than a virtual prison, it is technological slavery masquerading as 'security'. Total crap. Pure evil and exposes the sick, treacherous and malevolent aspirations of this corrupt government.

If you support ID Cards then you simply haven't educated yourself about them and are currently content to waddle around in your own ignorance about what is happening to this world. I agree it is a lot easier to be that spineless pathetic, cowering amoeba; happy to absord whatever silly shit your corrupt government throws at you, but you can't be like that for much longer.

Again well done Simon, the spirit of your words is about right.


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