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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sir Ian Blair talks of resigning

The Guardian reports:

The Metropolitan police commissioner last night admitted that he "did not do enough" to correct the false rumours that circulated around the media after the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian man shot dead by police at a London tube station in July

Enough ? You didn't do anything. You deliberately and consciously released misinformation (that's called lying by the way) out into the public domain, then deliberately and consciously decided against correcting it, because you knew your bumbling clowns had shot the wrong guy, and your spin would make for good press. You then continuted to preside over a smear campaign against the guy you helped murder. Meanwhile you were deliberately and consciously taking steps to stiffle the official investigation. Oh and now you are trying to dip your podgy repugnant fingers into the Kate Moss distraction in a misguided attempt to 'move on'.

"I don't think we actively withdrew the misinformation that was about," he said. "We allowed, or we didn't contradict sufficiently, the stuff about Mr Menezes vaulting the barrier. I don't think we did enough.

Indeed Blair, thanks for clarifying your own crimes.

He admitted that he had considered resigning after Mr de Menezes' family called for him to step down. "I certainly did," he said.

Funny because you said the opposite from the outset, "I will not resign", of course you should resign and be charged with conspiracy.

..But I don't think it was right for the organisation, or for the country, or for London to do that. The big job is to defend this country against terrorism."

How is an armed gang grabbing a guy minding his own business on the tube then releasing 11 shots into him "defending this country against terrorism" ? What do they teach you at police school ?

Blair, it's not a question if maybe possibly it will be ok for you carry on and bumble through because you are through. You are disgrace. A walking, corrupt, stupid pathetic disgrace, who's character is so stained now, quite frankly I am surprised you are still there. Mr Lame Duck Commissioner covered in blood and lies from head to toe, still coldly gloating about how state-sponsored murder is just fine, and there will be more people wrongly shot for a greater good. Well you are a useless, criminal, politicized police chief, a mere play thing of the other Blair and his masters. A toy to be used by those who profit from the 'War on Terror'. And contrary to your statements Blair, you are not 'out of the woods', you're still deep in them in case you hadn't noticed.

And now you want to introduce pseudo-martial law with soldiers acting as police (while they take a leak). Get real and take your early retirement Blair. You were nothing but a sad experiment in policing that went badly badly wrong at the worst possible time, you have brought the Met into disrepute with your murder, lies and crackpot schemes.

The Metropolitan Police face a disastrous future under Ian Blair to put it mildly, the people of Greater London need to reject Blair as a figure head for the police and officers should be regularly informed about the disgust felt towards this pathetic idiot.

Order out of Chaos indeed.


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