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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Human slave grids: BT & Verwaayen/IBM

Dutch globalist Ben VerwaayenEven though BT's customer base and share price continues to take a battering under the control of rampant Dutch globalist Ben Verwaayen, who similarly drove Lucent into decline, they remain dizzy with power and ambition since their puppet standards organization Ofcom has ok'ed RFID everywhere with zero debate:

"Privacy advocates are still worried by the implications of tracking chips embedded in products, but RFID's progress seems inevitable." PCAdvisor

"Ian Neild, disruptive futurist 1 at BT Research Labs, said that the anti-RFID lobby wasn't anything to worry about and wouldn't impact the rollout of the technology in the long-term.

"I don't think people are that bothered about it. I think it's a small minority of people using the power of the Internet to make a lot of noise which the press like," he said. "I am not worried what these people do — we have always had Luddites," Neild said.

One solution offered by the telco was that some items would be available without RFID tags in the future but consumers would have to pay extra for such goods. "These people will be able to buy non-tagged gear but it will cost a lot more," he said. You won't lose that much money from those people."

IBM's HollerithMeanwhile are overtly calling for a 'global ID standards body' (funny, just like Charles Clarke some months back) . Old habits die hard, just like in the Holocaust that is described as helping to engineer through their punch card computers which enabled efficient identification of people, they want everyone to have a unique global serial number tied into biometric identifying data that is managed by a global body. They are calling for governments to create such a body, because the status quo is "too piecemeal and someone might need to access your medical records in an emergency if you are away from home".

The funny thing is, not so long ago, BT's Verwaayen said exactly the same sort of thing in an interview with BBC News 24's Hardtalk, to which the interviewer looked genuinely aghast. (That interview has mysterious vanished from their site)

In the ZDNet via Infowars article IBM said, "Governments have a huge part to play in this, because they have ultimate responsibility for their citizens, and depending on the country, they may have ultimate responsibility for the businesses and e-commerce as well,"

have tried to soften their stuffy old image over the years, to become a generally pro-Linux and patent-fluffy organization which has helped them to be seen as anti-Microsoft. Their PowerPC chips in Macs won them many fans. But all of that remains trivial in the bigger picture, where IBM's global identification ambition remain something enormous to fear:

"The precision, speed and reliability of IBM's machines," the Swiss judge ruled, "especially related to the censuses of the German population and racial biology by the Nazis, were praised in the publications of Dehomag itself, the branch of respondent IBM. It does not thus seem unreasonable to deduce that IBM's technical assistance facilitated the tasks of the Nazis in the commission of their crimes against humanity, acts also involving accountancy and classification by IBM machines and utilized in the concentration camps themselves." Jewish Virtual Library

Those luddites stopping progress. I dunno...


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