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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

'140 senior police officers want Ian Blair out'

Ian Blair"Scotland Yard has said Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Ian Blair has their full backing amid reports 140 senior officers want him to resign.

The Met's Deputy Commissioner, Paul Stephenson, has denied there is any talk of plans to oust Sir Ian within the ranks.

And Scotland Yard has also denied that there is any concern for Sir Ian's future at the Home Office - it has refuted reports of a meeting with Charles Clarke yesterday. It comes after a senior police officer claimed in a newspaper that officials believe Sir Ian is too removed for the job.

He said: "There is a serious issue over the confidence of the force in Sir Ian and his ability to lead it.

"Many of us think he has been too damaged by his own blunders to go on and that he should resign immediately. A view is building momentum that Sir Ian is now holed below the waterline."

He added: "He is seen to be out of touch with the realities of being Britain's most important police officer."
Chn 4

That's a polite phrase.

Why is Ian Blair in his job anyway ? Answer: because he is sufficiently nuts and political and flawed enough of a person, which makes him ideal for this government to channel they crap through.

That's why he's there. That's presumably why he's still there. You can pity him in some ways.

You see, even the fact this guy keeps coming up again and again and again and comes on TV having to defend himself saying 'I'm not nuts, people do like me, really...' shows something is enormously wrong.

They should stop messing around and just get rid of this clown. Ian Blair belongs in a padded cell with a straight-jacket, instead of this ridiculous life of spectacle and shame spent impersonating a police officer.

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