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Monday, January 16, 2006

ID cards suffer twin defeats in Lords

I vow to never have an ID card"The government has suffered two defeats in the Lords over its ID cards scheme. Ministers say the scheme's cost cannot be revealed as it will make it hard to get a good deal, but peers voted to block it until full costs were known.

Ian Angell, head of the LSE Department of Information Systems, said: "Contradictions, guesswork and wishful thinking on the part of the Home Office make a mockery of any pretence that this scheme is based on serious reasoning.

Conservative leader David Cameron vowed on Sunday to oppose the ID card plans, calling them "un-British".

"I don't like the idea that you have to have this bit of paper just for existing," he told BBC's Sunday AM. "

Well good. But look, the cost debate is in my opinion not the issue, and what happened to the ambush to make it voluntary ? Of course it is going to cost a lot of money, but the real point is that to seek to actually create this human slave grid in the first place, is something nobody should accept.

I'll say this again so there is no ambiguity on the issue:

I will never take a UK ID card, an EU ID card or a global ID card so as to be absorbed into this serf-subjugation grid. Going along with this is not an option, and is actually more dangerous than not doing so. People have to take a stand, it's that simple.

ID cards, ID database, ID grid. They all need to die.

Update: actually it was a triple defeat that ID cards suffered, and ammendments to take out gluing it onto passports are apparently coming too. Check out NO2ID's front page for more details.



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