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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kurt Nimmo's blog silenced by death threats

This is such an incredible story I found on Rense, and indeed it seems to be true, and Kurt has stopped his blog. This is a huge loss. Kurt has been writing brilliant and forensic analysis of the twisted Neocon regime for some time, his work was incredibly well respected and appreciated. Truly a celebrity of blogging.

What it shows clearly though is that Kurt was extremely successful in unraveling the lies and hurting these people badly, enough for them to threaten him and his family. Hopefully this will create 10000 new Kurt Nimmos! Kurt's blog will be very missed, I really hope he reconsiders.

Update: apparently Kurt is going to continue with a mailing list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nimmo is a Holocaust Denier an Neo-Nazi, an unemployed kook who serves as spokesman for th eIraqi Baathists. He writes poems about his own hemorrhoids. If ever anyone DESERVED to be silenced, it is him!

8:56 AM  

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