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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Britain: the land of slaves and stupid media

UK is a police state tyrannyIt's interesting to watch how a large chunk of the media still respond to the destruction of the country they claim to report on. It very much seems they just don't quite know how to deal with it because they just can't accept it is happening. Cameras everywhere. The police/Home Office announcing they are going to log all car journeys across the country, the carving up of the law, the removal of trial by jury, ID slave grid (ID cards), internment, protesters names permanently being put on terrorist lists and so on. They just don't know what to do because all Blair or one of his minions like Dr John Reid have to say is, "look the terrorists are going to get you".

And let's look at Dr John Reid, a Scottish (allegedly ex-) communist who just recently was proclaiming 'the terrorists are using the media to propagandize about Iraq'. What terrorists ? Us ? The News of the World even ? Are terrorists the only people who believe a tenth-rate communist reject shouldn't be grandstanding about troops his government duped into Iraq on a monstrous pack of lies to begin with ? He also likened the 'terrorists' to 'Nazis' so as to woo all you cretins into thinking that you are stoically fighting Adolf Hitler again. (How do we sell our tyranny to the slaves)?

Reid desperately needs to 'support' the troops, after all under the New Labour tinpot regime that has taken control of all UK institutions, the army are highly neccesary, as, to quote Henry Kissinger “dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”. On the Blair/Brown grand chessboard British troops are but slaves to help conquer foreign lands for their global oligarchical masters.

Of course Reid's speech is amounts to a ridiculous bucket of crap unfit for human consumption. Total and dangerous and shocking propaganda, laced with Orwellian doublespeak and is really painting all free-thinking people as 'the terrorists'. Indeed outside of the propaganda rooms of No.10, the Whitehouse, the Pentagon and CIA there remains much debate whether Al-Qaeda even really exist in any tangible self-determining independent form, and even if they did what has that to do with Iraq ? To put it simply the UK is being duped into it's own ever-increasing prison, while it's armed forces are puppeted into wars of financial and strategic dominion under a manufactured government-led manipulation campaign.

The police, particularly the Met under the crackpot leadership of Ian Blair, are similar marionettes told to send out press releases of a '50 year war with Al-Qaeda', setting the pretext for an unending conflict anywhere and everywhere and a half decade prospectus to keep people in total ever-increasing humanity- and soul-destroying tyranny.

Of course what comrade Reid isn't telling you, is that while our exploited troops are made fools of and killed and maimed for nothing, the 'terrorists' back home have decisively won the other war so sadly their brave fight has been in vain. But then Reid's speech was designed to lump everything together (Iraq, Al-Qaeda, terror etc) in one big swirling mess of garbage so that you may think British troops in Iraq are 'fighting terrorism'.

The UK has been beaten (well more cooked) into a quivering cowering useless pulp under the Blair/Brown/Oligarchy beast and is now falling over the cliff into all out tyranny. The 'war on terror' (which by it's nature must also mean a war on dissent and the inalienable right to defend oneself against tyranny) is truly a war on people, and none are suffering more than the British who are being conditioned into jellified slaves for the benefits of a handful of crackpots who presumbably are terrified about their own futures.

Interestingly though, Reid doesn't mention the most spectacular 'terrorist' achievement, 9/11. Now why is that ? A few rag tag fanatics letting off the odd bomb here and there just aren't enough to scare people into accepting this tyranny, so why didn't comrade Reid glorify and swim in grandstanding about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, ...oh and WTC 7 which those terrorists presumbably also brought down with their bombs ?

It is no surprise then that the military is having such trouble recruiting, and Gordon Brown wants a kind of pseudo-conscription by the backdoor of more gullible young cadets to fight his future wars that are already penned in. It's also no surprise that British defense R&D is now the exclusive property of globalisation.

In Mondays's Daily Express one of their columnists talked about 1984, about how Orwell was sickened by many in left's reluctance to challenge the absolute murderous hell going on in Europe under socialism (presumably people like Dr John Reid). But the author exemplified the Neocon/Blair/Brown trap the media have fallen in, and begins his article by blaming 'radical Islam' for turning the UK into a shambolic police state.

Now to be fair I didn't actually finish the column, and then accidentally threw the paper away, so I don't know if he went on to the come to the same conclusion as the rest of us, but it's not radical Islam, who have spent a quarter of a billion pounds on CCTV, and now want to record your car journey and track you by your face on a government database, it isn't radical Islam who are putting you into slavery with RFID'ed ID cards, are uploading your medical records to a government database, stockpiling your DNA and parading your children on ASBO TV for all to see. It isn't radical Islam who are hacking away at the law and the very democracy you live in, taking you into unrelenting slavery of a kind never seen on this planet before. Similarly, it isn't radical Islam propagandizing human chipping stories the day after the Brown-idolatrizing ID cards vote in parliament, or making sponsored-speeches about biometrics in supermarkets. And it isn't radical Islam sending British forces to their deaths on the back of old student essays plucked off the internet about Iraq.

It is a of course a fallacy to conclude that these things are a result of radical Islam, they are political choices, reflective of an ideology and, it would seem at least, derived from a manifesto that we are not yet privy to.

Indeed, who cares about ID cards, cameras everywhere and facial tracking grids if, as a result, the very country itself no longer resembles any semblance of something worth fighting for? Perhaps that is question now in the minds of UK forces who are literally dying for nothing. They are not fighting for freedom, justice or anything even close and their country has been fast tracked to destruction while they weren't looking. The UK is a place where real liberty is being removed at an exponential rate, a country where many appear to aspire to nothing more than shuffling along to their worthless cubicle job, holding up their Oyster card to a reader as they go, then binge drinking their pointless weekend away in a smoking-free zone while being recorded by dozens of government cameras.

In some respect, I guess these people deserve the government they have, but the media overall should know better. To be fair the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Observer have made some good noises recently, but the newspapers are often compromised, twisted and lost, caught in this trap set by the administration that to challenge our direction will put you at risk, leaving no option other than to repeat the propaganda offered by the government.

But we are now at a point, where the press, 'right', and 'left', need to make a decision about what they are doing, because the situation is at a distinctly dangerous point. It's not satisfactory for editors or columnists to cling on to their fetishes about Labour and projecting their personal beliefs onto the back of Blair and Brown and trying to pick out the worthless peripheral policies they may agree with.

It's no good talking about schools and hospitals when the basis of society they are built on is descending into a worthless stupified police-state. Similarly it's no good the Daily Mail cheering for more yob controls when the very solutions depoyed by this government are just more humanity-removing despotism.

Murdoch, is a special case of course, but blindly continuing to propagandize to the plebs on behalf of Blair and the Neocons when the UK and US are being slowly gutted and raped is starting to look ridiculous. Indeed even Murdoch has made some interesting noises lately, and he may be trying to have his cake and eat it, the News of the World has been doing some good scoops, but his generally never-ending stream of pro-war pro-anti terror drivel is disingenuous shit, and I very much doubt Murdoch actually believes a word he is printing or broadcasting.

In the UK you've got this sickly double-headed beast of Blair and Brown that has hijacked and defaced the democratic process and poisoned the very institutions of the country. It is trying desperately to put people into a new kind of unending and every-increasing slavery and tyranny and a lot of the media still need take their head out their anus and start actually confronting the situation, otherwise they can only be judged as complicit in the process.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An alternative take on Blair and Brown: they're intelligent men exercising damage limitation, and they're managing Britain despite potential external/internal threats They're no doubt privvy to knowledge which, for better or worse, they think better out of the public domain they're possibly right, though I get the impression most people would prefer openness to being cossetted, no matter how frightening the reality: for instance, afaik the police don't drive tanks, so things could be a lot worse - That doesn't mean to say we deserve or want a police state and shouldn't protest about it.
the media = people, workers who need to play the game to keep their jobs to feed their families My impression is most, but by no means all, are capable of playing the game with integrity
I don't know why 'the press right and left need to amke decisions about what they're doing' Interpreting global politics, like national politics, will be largely subjective and prone to fuzziness - insisting on terms like 'left and right' forces an unrealistic, incomplete and inadequate simplicity, where complexity exists.
Not being wishy washy, but we really do all need to stick together, because it is serious. Try not to be too despondent about people who appear to be ignorant: 5 day weeks and binge drinking tells us nothing about anyone's perceptions and thoughts
Please keep blogging, you're doing a great job imopin.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Semi o/t.

Does this represent the average mentality of the mass of British electorate who keep voting for anyone/anything connected with word 'labour'? I hope not.

Just over 24 hours after the biggest robbery in British history - £50 million - a woman walks into a local building society saying she wants to open an account - immediately!

She then unloads £6,000 cash from a bag saying it's her opening deposit.

The cash [all in notes] is still bundled in the wrappers bearing the name of the depot from which the dosh was nicked.

Yep, really. And her age shows she's been allowed the vote for around 18 years.

Am I being too nasty, or what?

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The woman's apparent stupidity may have been genuine or intentional, but what's that got to do with everyone else's 'mentality' and voting styles?

4:37 PM  
Blogger Richard said...


I did open by saying "semi off topic". But I'll try to spell it out better.

Many of the people still believing in and voting for Bliar, although lots won't admit it, are being about as bright as that grown woman, when they vote.

1:17 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hi guys.

Thanks very much for the comments anon,

"They're no doubt privvy to knowledge which, for better or worse, they think better out of the public domain "

Well I would say there's quite a distinct line between, shall we say just 'carrying out the business of government that requires some confidentiality' and the noble lie and unfortunately we are just swimming in the latter. This isn't just my opinion though, and although I'm moaning at the press we've really many many say this of the last few years, including recently from the Indpendent; this guy put together what many have been saying for a long time about the govnerment fabricating terrorist stories. Of course we have seen the shocking fabrications used to justify the Iraq War, along with the politicization, cronyisation of many institutions. And that's not just happened here but in the US of course. And so many other things, if only it were all an accident.

Terrorism, the fear of terrorism are now being used as political assets to a level I don't think anyone has seen before and that is worrying.

Absolutely the global/geopolitics thing is important and fuzzy. There has been zero interest at all since 9/11 in trying to discern an underlying geopolitical truth from either the US or UK government but just to cash in on it all and talk about 'unstable regimes' and such.

:) Everyone seems to have picked on my picking on 'the Oyster swiping binge drinkers', I'm only being glib of course, we don't know how everyone feels about this stuff.

Thanks again for posting

Richard, how are you doing ?

Yeah, I haven't been following that story too closely, of course it's been everywhere.

I think sadly, there a lot of people like that, and I guess that contingent is who people like John Reid and Gordon Brown are talking to in these ridiculous speeches. I guess these people would be the cannon-fodder that they send to their next war.

You have a lot of the population who are not assisted to understand what is actually important and what isn't so it's no surprise the government don't want to help that and want to keep those people stupified in the false debates they have created.

You keep telling people they are going to be blown up then I guess they think they will blown up, you keep telling up them country x,y or z has WMDs that can hit them in 45 minutes then may believe it...or not

That said though, to be fair, many people I have spoken to are pretty aware of what is going on, or at least have a enormous amount of cynicism and anger toward this rotten government which can only be a good thing, so it's not all bad.

I would say Labour are finished, there is nowhere for them to go anymore and they have alienated many in their own party and sickened everyone else. It's all downhill from now on, and I would imagine also more mundane things like the rise in gas prices, council tax and unemployment as people wake up to the failiure of a gigantic government-led economy will bury them back in the garbage whence they came forever.

Though wasn't it Stalin who said "It's not who casts the vote but who counts it" ?

In the meantime what Labour aren't advertising is that emmigration is up and people are just leaving it's becoming so unbearable.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again,
Richard: you're obviously more enlightened than all labour voters so I'd like to know what you know.
& you're still aligning that woman with labour voters: what's that got to do with anything?

What I was trying to get at was the (horrible)idea that the uks elected leaders are not calling the shots on 'defence' at all: they're being fed what to say, making a mockery of the whole idea of something dressed up as democracy
- how else do you account for seemingly rational people getting elected into office and then overnight turning into raging warmongers/terrorism propagandists?
Will any other party be able to behave any differently in these matters once in office?

10:28 AM  

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