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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gordon Brown: helping to slaughter the UK

It is astonishing that MPs feel more passionately about a smoking ban than the gratuitous and terrible rewiring of the UK populace into a biometric slave grid, perhaps not surprising though, I guess smoking is now terrorism too.

On ID cards, what struck me in the run up to that vote was the continuation of the staged-managed ritualistic introduction of Gordon Brown (you don't think Blair really couldn't get a different flight do you ?), and it's with no satisfaction at all that I note the enormous and destructive intentions of this guy who could well be far worse than Blair, which is saying something. It's amazing to read Brown's incredible lies about 'people starting to want ID cards', what total utter garbage. But then of course people want to have their entire lives compromised by the ID slave grid from a government that initiates wars on lies and invests in torture. And then Brown wants you to fly your flag for how wonderful this country is. Do you see how this is more than just the usual political fibs ? This is actually heading in a very dangerous direction and that is now very palpable.

Painting himself in 'tough on terror' and fake patrotism for a country he has actively helped destroy as part of his Faustian agreement, Brown, like his co-conspirator, is of course cashing in on manufactured fear to warm up for his new position. That alone should tell you something is really wrong, and indeed it is, especially when a large chunk of that terrorism backdrop was always a government hoax to begin with. But Brown's ego and thirst for power knows no bounds, and it should come as little surprise that the battered-UK is now being forced to witness his Kim Jong-il-style long-arranged 'smooth transition' ascendancy.

Who wants to live in Brown's third world globalist police state that's championing the slavery of China as the new model for the world to folow? That's not living and I certainly don't associate with what the UK has become; a cowering pathetic stain on the world map, a repressive dictatorial regime with a used military puppeted into wars of lies for the benefits of the financial HQ of globalisation and the new world tyranny painstakingly engineered off the back of the controlled demolition of the WTC.

Whilst some may pity and laugh at Brown's invented 'tough security' image , as what he is doing is so painfully obvious and a toe-curling embarassment to watch, nonetheless, the bottomless security response to the 'terrorist theat', regrettably amounts to enforcing the pet projects for the global junta, and paving the way for a fear based tyrannical regime under Brown with terrorists in every nook and cranny. Like Blair, he has made the active decision to sell the British population into this new world ideology that is apparently so aggressively committed to putting the planet back into darkness.

Be afraid and angry, because the options are starting to crumble here and I'm not sure I can see any easy way out of this hell other than something rather dramatic.

Now Brown is trying to talk up biometrics in banks and supermarkets, as if that is normal too, yet buying a pack of frozen chicken and a bag of potatoes via a thumb scanner isn't normal. I'm sorry the biometrics industry had no propulsion or outlet pre-911, but that's not my problem. Unfortunately we are being put back into a new-slavery because, after all, potatoes are now terrorism, and industry just has to keep throwing their stupid thumb/hand/iris scanners at everything and hope they will catch on.

Expect injected human chipping here to be promoted by a Brown government after the next terror attack, pedophile or missing child story. First it will be terror suspects and child molesters, then children, then the elderly, then the unemployed, then all NHS patients and so on. Remember though, it won't be compulsory as you might not use the NHS. Already, as predicted the chip is being glamourized by companies purporting to be '1337 haxxors', and press releases fed out by worthless front-subsidaries of Verichip and IBM about chipping their staff are fed to the UK media immediately after the ID cards vote. These people can't even wait.

However, on ID cards, there is the genuine and enormous likelihood, well more a total certainty of the whole ID slave project being axed, as the middle classes are suddenly confronted by having to turn up at an office and have 14 different biometrics, and a ton of personal and linked up information about them assembled into one place on their government threat-assessment and monitoring file (information which will be sold on of course as well as their new slave identities shared with the EU Stasi). That, along with a realisation that they will be holding their RFID'ed card up against a reader to get a job or have their Iris scanned to buy a car, all of which will be indelibly recorded on their government ID file. That's when all of this will fall to pieces, and then the penny will drop that this was a gratuitious political choice, and isn't going to save them or society from any evil at all and why on Earth did this go ahead to begin with ? Well seeing as only 23% of the UK voted for New Labour it was hardly a mandate. I would expect this to fall apart.

But however much ID cards are a disaster, a terrorist attack or 2 later and hours of vomit-enducing grandstanding by F├╝hrer Brown about 'waving flags' (nasty eh, but that's what he's been saying already) and 'rallying round the government in this time of crisis' and they may well just like to keep it alive however much of dismal joke it is, especially if Cheney the terrorists let off a suitcase nuke in America. So I'm also very much considering my future in the UK now as life here is becoming unbearable, and would be even worse under Gordon Brown. It's not just about ID cards, it's about the slow destruction of this country into a pile of sickening goop that bears no relation to any kind of reality or worthy aspiration. Sadly, this country is fucked and the situation is no longer tolerable. Even if you get rid of all the cameras, the ID cards, a bunch of the laws Blair has created and broke away from the EU, you've still got an enormous set of problems to deal with.

Blair decided to use that scenario, not challenge it, to build the police state on top of the existing problems and chose to fabricate new problems and exacerbate the original ones.

More widely, Blair became an ardent follower of a kind of amoral doctrine, where there is no good and evil or evil is good for the greater good (As the Neocons did in PNAC). From all the evidence, Gordon Brown is set to carry on that tradition (although I'm now wondering if some of the more sinister policies of Blair came from Brown) and make things a whole lot worse.

Will it take Tiananmen Square type events in the Brown UK for people to get it? Then the BBC's website will have comments (purporting to be from members of the public) saying 'they deserved it for protesting' and the Home Office and the Met will be spinning information out to the controlled media that one of the protesters had dropped a piece of chewing gum in 2002 and 'it's right for people in a responsible society to be shot for protesting ' and 'The rights of the protestors have to be balanced with the rights of the tanks'

Don't say nobody warned you.

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Blogger Gert said...

It's crystal clear that Brown is set to carry on exactly where the Bliar will leave off (eventually, if Brown hasn't passed away from old age before of course).

Already you can see how PukeLabor is starting to close ranks again: they will want to win the next election at any cost and Cameblairon is starting to hurt a little, even though his medium-long term future remains entirely to be seen.

What we see is the serious downside of a de facto two party system: fighting for the Middle English votes, where the biggest bloc of voters lie, causes the scramble for the centre ground.

In most continental Governments, Government formation is based on coalition compromise, which allows a particular party that's part of the Government to push through part of it's own agenda. Political parties can profile themselves in a much stronger way, appealing specifically to THEIR voters: they won't need a clear majority to be part of Government. In this system the Libs or Greens would have had Govenmental power a long time ago...

4:04 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Thanks Gert. Do they have something more like PR in these countries ?

Something needs to change here, because it's just a mess and getting worse. The system is broken and has allowed Labour to indulge their sick fantasies and poison the entire country with their crap.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Gert said...


Proportanial representation is exactly what I'm talking about. I will post about it "soon". It makes a lot of difference, trust me, I'm not a politician....

3:24 AM  
Blogger Gert said...

Anyroads, I've just posted a short one on proportional representation. It also has a link to a blog you'll like (me thinks)...

4:33 PM  
Blogger Gert said...

What we should be looking out for is the "Coalition of the Willing" being organised over at Talk Politics. Should be a couple of days before this gets underway. One to follow, I feel.

5:39 PM  

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