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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nuke the European Commission

I needed a break from all of this for a while, but lets pick up a few things quickly:


The possibility at least, of media motivation in fanning the flames of these illustrations which were actually originally published some time back should raise questions. Freedom of speech absolutely, but what is troubling is the backdrop of Iran, and the possibility that some at least in the media are not championing freedom of speech for it's own sake but are deliberately trying to fan flames and provoke a reaction with an Iran strike in mind. After all, the news, particularly the US news has been littered with talk about Iran's 'nukes'. Someone has made that decision and is consistently putting out alleged intelligence reports about Iran's intentions. In these circumstances, I really don't feel the furore over the cartoons can be seperated from that context.

In the UK, quite why some are then complaining when people (assuming they are not pay-rolled MI5 assets) exercise their freedom of speech in response to the cartoons is beyond me. Of course, with Britain, all you need to know is that any angry response is, shock horror, 'glorifying terrorism'. Well how convenient as Parliament is just about to vote on such a concept.


The editors/proprietors of the Telegraph, like many outlets, are itching for the lasest phase of the new world hell, that being for a long-planned Iran offensive to go ahead. It's worse in the US of course:

Although I think even the Telegraph used the 'n' word recently too. Who has come up with the strategy of callling Iran's nuclear programme 'nukes' ? nukes nukes nukes. Those dirty A-rabs are going to nuke you with their nukes, quick lets get them first so we can be safe from the terrorists.

Surely there can't be anyone left on the planet who actually takes this garbage at face value anymore ? How did the media get that corrupt ? Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear energy or weapons anyway ? There's another question. Unfortunately while the world is being played like a fiddle, rather a lot of the mainstream media are largely content to be the paid-off complicit conduit for this never-ending stream of propagandizing crap. It is astonishing.

Next. This is old, but I want to mention it:

European Commission wants to regulate internet

Most people are well-aware of the new attempt to resurrect a strangulating European Empire. After the previous recent ventures of Nazism and Communism didn't really work out, the European Commission of the EU as the latest and most dangerous incarnation of that wants to regulate the internet, as predicted a while back here, by drowning it in 'hate legislation'. One needs to ask themselves, who is pushing for that, who is sponsoring that, who is lobbying for that and why ? Not surprisingly no one wants this.

Here's my controversial cartoon about the EC...

Nuke the EU, kill the Commission, kill them all
(Stop it at vunce! Zis iz completely unaccpetable!!! LOL -j)

Princess Diana

Next: Astonishing things continue to happen with 'Operation Paget', Sir John Steven's investigation into the death of Princess Diana. Stevens' laptop was stolen and then his office was broken into again. Well well well. Steven's work in Northern Ireland was torched as you may recall (um by the same people) so I guess he is quite he used to it. Can't say I much like Stevens who's a part-time paid mouthpiece for Rupert Murdoch, but he's come out recently to say Al Fayed was right to call for a further investigation and that the results of the inquiry (which has now been extended by another year) will be 'astonishing'.

Blair still crumbling away

Blair, his soiled regime in ever more pathetic tatters is now reduced to begging for support: "Addressing Labour's spring conference in Blackpool after his party's shock defeat in the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election, Mr Blair appeared to admit that his own position as Prime Minister now hung in the balance ahead of what he said were two "critical votes" in the Commons next week."

That would be the ID slave grid and terror legislation; critical to the tyrant's remaining strands of his authority and credibility. Utterly worthless damaging crap to everyone else, Blair is saying now, 'oh please ID cards will save us from the tewwowists'. Last week it was ID fraud. Yawn. Yup, that joined up government slave grid where you need to hold your RFID'ed card against a reader and get your iris read to buy a packet of crisps, which will be instantly put on your government threat-assessment file will make us safe.

(Again, I will never take an ID card)


White House knew scale of Katrina disaster from start, official reveals

Well of course they did, the Neocons aren't interested in helping anybody survive. Are they are relying on a future fullscale martial-law dictatorship circumstances to ensure they can never be brought to justice for all their evil? Meanwhile, just hand out those no-bid clean-up contracts to Halliburton and don't say a word other than Iran's making nukes. nukes, nukes, nukes. (Pssst! Don't talk about Israel's 400 actual nukes though, that's hate)

Ian Blair

Oh, you want to see something funny ? In yesterday's Daily Mail (print edition) there was an article about how Ian Blair is being warned to shut up or be sacked, they even named his successor. I couldn't find the article on the Mail's site or any other, but look at this for the government spin machine in action:

32 different sources with, word-for-word, the exact same article from Charles Clarke saying 'no it's not true'.

Hey Home Office keep spinning that propaganda shit out (to the Press Association wire?), and wonder why no one gives a crap about anything you say anymore. Think I'm going to take that ID card and be inserted into your slave grid ? Think again.


Professor Steven E Jones lecture from the 1st of Febuary is available as a torrent here

Here's the paper he wrote.


Blogger Gert said...

The hysteria that's being whipped up around Iran's "nukulear" program has already had it's devastating (but desired) effect with some two-thirds of Amewikans believing Iran is now the greatest threat to their security! Ding Dong.

Now, if it wasn't so sad it would be funny but that then leads to the ridiculous "better safe than sorry" reflex. Safe? No. Sorry? It's likely...

Europe as usual kind of fans the flames in that lukewarm "ah well, it's the Amewikans, you see, better play along a little" kind of way.

Ahmedinejad was a fool for his "wipe Israel off the map" gaffe but did you know that Merkel in the mean time has publicly compared Ahmedinejad with Adolf Hitler?

4:15 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

* Merkel in the mean time has publicly compared Ahmedinejad with Adolf Hitler? *

I take it that that was after talking to Georgie Boy ?

11:36 PM  
Blogger Gert said...


Yes, it was. The comparison is unbelievably stupid, as A. is a holocaust denier and A.H. a holocaust instigator...

I truly believe most politicians simply lack the basic intelligency (IQ) to make the right decisions: either that or they are completely cynical...

4:55 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

America is in a lot of trouble, but then so are we. I wonder if 2/3 really believe that though. I find that hard to believe.

Interesting I heard Merkel was a real puppet and it seems to be the case. Germany being played as a fool...

9:59 AM  
Blogger Gert said...

I'm not a great believer in polls either but the result of this one was indeed that about 67% believed Iran was the biggest threat to the US, to be fair, some 80% also feared that the US would interfere too soon...

1:25 PM  

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