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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chocolate oranges, gay marriage and Karl Marx

For Labour when they became New Labour, through the slithering machinations of Mandelson, Blair and bankrolled to power by Lord Michael Levy, things were all a little bit different.

Effectively ditching 'Clause IV' of the Labour party constitution to re-nationalise everything was hardly a sacrifice in practice (although if anyone had actually stopped and bothered to read the new version it's even more alarming: Blair's full-spectrum pledge of allegiance to socialism -I guess we'll return to this later).

Apparently, the Conservatives are looking for various, equivalent, mini symbolic proclamations and are unwittlingly doing themselves and people's ability to choose, enormous damage in the process:

"David Cameron is to cut one of the final ties with 'traditional' Tory values when he says that gay couples should receive tax breaks for getting married. In a move that will cause consternation among the traditional wing of the party, Cameron will say that although the party believes in marriage, it is any type of marriage - heterosexual or gay" Guardian

The last sentence is the worst and certainely feels like a shocking fluff-headed opportunistic grab for a few nods of the head from the political-correctness-raped factions and may well be interpretted as an outrageous wanton attack on values a lot of people hold in high esteem.

Cameron also says:

'This is the paradox of politics: politicians should not dictate how people choose to live their lives - but we cannot be indifferent to the choices that people make. The new politics works by persuasion, not by power"

What are you persuading people into Cameron ? That Tory fortunes rest on sounding more like Red Ken from the 1980s ? That there is some sort of insatiable public appetite to pick up where New Labour left off ?

This certainly has all the hallmarks of silly and dangerous crap that will inevitably offend a lot of people (and not just on the 'right wing' as the Guardian suggest) who really haven't got an ounce of time for the ongoing devaluation of marriage and assault on the family.

Moreover , it has become an enormous pronunciamento in the Guardian. Sure it's Cameron playing New Labour back at their own game, but it's difficult to read entirely as a strategic play for the elusive centre-ground when it's sounds a lot more like an appeal to the loony left. Cameron has gone way way way too far in his rhetoric with this. (See also this in the Daily Mail for how it gets worse still)

Meanwhile, the real issues of the day are not going away, but they are apparently too challenging and messy to take on for Cameron who is getting so lost in sinister periphery it's a wonder he can find his way out of the maze of fluff-like proclamations about Chocolate Oranges, rap lyrics, padded bras and gay marriage.

And in the end, if you keep skillfully avoiding the real problems then you're deliberately contributing to a massive problem. And we've got real massive problems all round: America is being strangled in a slow coup and Blair has effectively endorsed it, Blair wants the UN to be a neoconservative war machine in line with his ideologies, Iraq as a part-product of his self-indulgent social fanaticism is a shocking wanton ongoing bloodbath for all concerned that has cast shame on all who voted for it. Europe is looking more and more an utterly worthless, corrupt and dangerous socialist empire gobbling up more and more national soveriegnty and run by giggling globalists, while the ID slave grid and other horrific technologies are being prepared to re-engineer society itself.

So far the Tories have stubbornly refused to adequately express themselves on any of these issues, instead largely avoiding them altogether whilst presiding over the empty makeover of Cameron who's goal seems to be to follow firmly in the hollow pointless mirage of Tony Blair. The Conservatives have turned their back on conservatism in favour of grooming Cameron into Number 10 at any price, on an artificial and corrupt zeitgeist of Blairism and similar nauseating nonsense and that's something people need to be very very concerned about.

Indeed, Cameron and the Tories should be deeply truly ashamed. This is the time to be fighting for what you believe in, not in what you don't believe in and making the suffering of the UK immeasurably worse in the process.

What is ironic is that Labour already know they are in massive trouble, an article today in the Guardian entitled 'Brown aide: we will lose next election' says it all, and while this is very much Gordon Brown trying to speed up his smooth transition and rally his supporters, it's also actually true:

"At a fringe meeting during a weekend conference organised by Compass, a leftwing pressure group, Mr Wills claimed that at the last election "every single Labour MP on the doorstep reported profound disillusionment and disengagement. We scraped through. If 14,000 Labour voters had voted Tory in May 2005, we would have been in a hung parliament. That is all it took - that is how narrow it was" Guardian

(The same sentiments were also expressed by Michael Meacher today, "We have lost half of our members and four million voters since 1997. This is a very serious problem." 1 -Meacher has said in the past he doesn't support the coronation of Gordon Brown)

Wills continues: " We have got good messages and we are delivering on public services so why is it they don't listen any more? It is because they don't trust us...? [Goes on to talk about Iraq and presidential style of Blair]"

This is the problem for the Labour regime though, they will die wondering. Iraq, internment, uploading medical records to a goverment database, ID slave grid, CCTV everywhere, tracking car journeys, endless taxes, communist style land grabs, using the EU to log highly personal internet surfing, forcing additives into food as if the UK is their personal Stalinist laboratory, and now presiding over a glorious eugenics research programme of terminating embryos that don't meet up to the target criteria of the state, and which may presumbably lack the Animal Farm Boxer gene ensuring a plodding stupid proletariat awe of Blair, Brown and other New Labour grotesques as they dismantle society.

Labour have looked at every possible statistic to see where the toxic gas of goverment and the state can intervene for the sake of intervening itself with one worthless, unwanted, self-indulgent fantatical plan after another to humilate, oppress, dominate and dehumanise the individual and the best they can offer now is to manifest the Granita deal of the smooth and orderly coronaton of Gordon Brown who has sat on the sidelines waiting for power not lifting a finger to intervene on any of the above, lest it affect his chances for leadership.

One thing I didn't mention from a couple of days back was this extraordinary 22 page letter from Tony Blair to then Labour leader, Michael Foot, where Blair talks of his deep wonder at Marxism but finds it a tad 'stiffling'.

It's a fascinating read, of a young ambitious sociopath trying to charm a doomed Foot, indicating what would become Blair's final refined ideology: the diabolical third way (a term New Labour had to eventually bury with embarassment), which it should be noted, is not ambiguous or complex or difficult to define as some pundits suggest, it's big goverment+big business: socialism + corporate power and if it sounds a lot like Mussolini's fascism it should do, as Mussolini also described exactly the same objectives as the 'third way' 2.

A Telegraph article from 2003, reviewing Nicholas Farrell's biography of Mussolini notes:

"[The fascist] regime "was anything but a right-wing movement", and indeed Mussolini confusingly spoke of socialism and fascism as almost identical" 3

So the third way holds plenty of wide appeal to the New Labour cabal's shared values of top-down collectivism, as espoused by ex-communists like John Reid, Charles Clarke, and Peter Mandelson. (See also this article by comrade of the above characters, David Aaronovitch desperately trying to say there is no equivalence between Blair and Mussolini but strongly convincing the reader otherwise).

Anyway, in the letter Blair also says:

"It is a duty we owe to the people in our country, to save them from a cruel and bigoted government, that has made disaster and despair a fact of their everyday lives." Telegraph

Of course this sounds exactly like someone talking about New Labour today and is surely a massive stroke of irony, as this advice is exactly what opposition politicians need to take on board urgently now. But if the response is to be chocolate oranges, gay marriage, or from Labour, the swift coronation of Gordon Brown to fulfill the Blair-Brown Granita conspiracy then we are frankly pouring gasoline on the situation.

The UK is becoming a stark blueprint to the international community about how to thoroughly destroy a country through social tyranny.


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