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Friday, September 08, 2006

Labour collapsing into Brown/anti Brown war

I had a real chuckle last night reading and watching some of the coverage of the Blair/Brown spat. Truly I laughed out loud to hear the BBC's Nick Robinson tell of a phone call he had with one Labour minister (I think) who said something along the lines of 'If Brown ever gets into fucking power then we're all fucked".

Labour is in open warfare with itself as different grotesque factions fight for power. What's interesting is there is a vocal anti-Brown faction forming, presumbably with the equally vile porcine lie-machine Charles Clarke out in front attacking Brown for 'grinning in his car', and it's clear already that Brown is consistently damaging himself everytime he opens his mouth, as a recent article in The Sun, which is some of the most appalling and toe-curling crap I have ever read, attests to. So bad, one columnist on the Guardian even speculated it wasn't written by Brown at all.

Ultimately of course, it doesn't really matter which paritcular grotesque from the New Labour waxworks comes out on top because they all represent the same pointless misery for everyone else, but the fact that Brown, with a long standing arrangment, and a powerful contributor to the last decade of misery is being forced into the limelight as a problem (even if for inadequate reasons by people just as bad) can only be a good thing for everyone else, and what's more a poll today in the Telegraph makes for welcome reading:

"Only one voter in five thinks Gordon Brown will make a better prime minister than Tony Blair, while a similar proportion believes he will make a worse one, according to a YouGov poll conducted for The Daily Telegraph. Asked if the Chancellor would prove a more successful occupant of No 10 than Mr Blair, only 20 per cent of those questioned said he would.

Twenty-two per cent said he would make a worse prime minister and just under half thought there would be no discernable improvement.

The figures were not much better when Labour voters were questioned, with only 23 per cent definitely favouring a Brown premiership over a Blair one. The poll suggests that dropping Mr Blair is unlikely to provide the panacea desired by his Labour Party opponents and trade unions"


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