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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daily Mail again: 'Brits to be grilled by regime for passport'

Daily Mail: "British citizens will be quizzed on up to 200 different pieces of personal information in a 30-minute grilling if they want a passport, it has been revealed. From May, thousands of applicants will be forced to travel 20 miles or more - at their own expense - to attend one of the interviews"

I think there is a clear case here for enormous and angry and disruptive and ongoing demonstrations at these offices, I think this a golden opportunity to start lashing out hard against this nightmare that the regime has created. And I think people should take this opportunity to do exactly that. As you are doing so remember you are not just complaining about this alone, but about CCTV, the radical quantized pleb grid (ID cards), rubbish spying, driving spying, terror laws, the wars of course and everything else that the regime and its supporters are doing to you. It is time to organize anti-regime (and its supporters) demonstrations

And again if you look at what the Daily Mail did with this story in its print edition, it is juxtaposed against this essentially bogus and certainly irrelevant concoction about 'Bin Laden's general' getting multiple passports which was clearly whipped up by the now deeply corrupted Home Office to offset complaints about the public being interrogated by the regime to get a passport and to instill fear and compliance into them. This is the level we are dealing with.

And as far as the Daily Mail goes, is this really stupidity at work, or is the Daily Mail a highly compromised newspaper at the editorial and proprietorship level knowingly pumping out disinformation ?

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