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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daily Mirror sinks to new lows.

As we have long noticed here, the Daily Mirror has no legitimacy at all anymore as a tabloid. It is without question a complete and utter disgrace of the worst kind that should be laid to rest forever as a bad memory, that is after it has paid reparations to its readers.

Never mind being essentially the only 'newspaper' on Earth to transform itself into becoming pro-war, when it was actually anti-war, it is also incessantly and unsurprisingly pro-Gordon Brown, aka the vain, egotistical fanatic and pact-partner of Blair, stained in the blood of Iraq and the rabid domestic destruction of society in the UK into a pitiful third-world police state.

In his latest worthless peripheral budget, Brown is trying to wipe away over a decade of his shame, disgrace, wretchedness, remoteness and utter debasement by taking away from the earnings of the very poorest in society to fund a image-helping 2p decrease on the next tax band up.

One would think that would be of some concern to Labour supporters. Brown says he had this planned for '4 years' and its not an opportunistic move designed to distract from his correctly dismal poll ratings, yet obviously it is just one that he had designed for his final budget as chancellor exactly when he would reach for power. If he really did plan it 4 years ago that makes it even worse.

But not satisfied with desperately trying to rehabilitate Gordon Brown from a ghoulish, ruinous sociopath into a possible politician to fulfill the Grantia conspiracy, the Daily Mirror seemed to actually loose the plot totally. In its fury that civilization and all that is good hasn't been completely wiped out yet, it included a massive piece of unusually provocative propaganda in its pages which must have left even its most vegetative readers perplexed.

'Hope not Hate', a 4 page pullout courtesy of the 'anti-fascist organization Searchlight', reminding us that we are all grey asexual pleblings in the multicultural mix bobbling along presumably with our ID cards and flying the 'tolerant' flag for the next illegal war under the glorious one world religion/order of Blair/Brown and how the BNP were bad etc.

One wonders what provoked this particular outburst in the Mirror, it is difficult to say indeed. But the Mirror has firmly identified itself as a complete and utter disaster and I don't think by any description, even the most vague could at all be described as a 'newspaper'. Rather, it constitutes a stream of vile, terrible regime-endorsing propaganda to break down any resistance to the wretched disgrace the country itself is becoming while trying to disguise this directive behind show biz gossip.

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