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Friday, December 05, 2008

Labour's DNA stockpiling illegal

About Time. "The European Court of Human Rights has spoken with a strong and clear voice - retaining indefinitely the DNA and fingerprint records of unconvicted suspects is unlawful.

The 17 judges of Strasbourg's Grand Chamber were unanimous in their ruling, and they emphasised that the government must follow it - because on this issue it does not have much "margin of appreciation" or leeway.

The court said the UK was the only one of the 47 members of the Council of Europe to permit the "systematic and indefinite" retention of DNA samples and profiles from people who have been acquitted, though within the UK the arrangements apply only to suspects in England, Wales and Northern Ireland."


"The question is what impact will this have on fighting crime"

No that's not the question, but it's very telling that the BBC would like to propose it is. The question is why this didn't come to pass a long time ago, and quite why the UK government were hoping to get away with this in the long term and why the BBC have, generally speaking, chosen to support any illegitimate dehumanizing measure as long as it is 'for everyone' ?

Another big question is quite why the police have been allowed to stray in a very concerning direction across the board with a view to this and many other things.

Another question is why were at least a couple of judges extremely conspicuously coming out and talking up a mandataory national DNA database ? And why were people like Ian Blair talking up the sharing of this monstrosity with the rest of Europe, especially when it was fairly obvious that at some point it was going to have to, rightly have its wings severely clipped ?

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