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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Camelot

Anyone remember WING TV (site) ? A guy in a hat who called himself Victor Thorn and his girlfriend Lisa Guliani. This was for a while a not terrible grass roots alternative media program which at times had some interesting guests and interviews, and some reasonable review sections of other alternative media, and reflections and had some energy.

Unfortunately at some point, it started to go badly wrong, becoming one of a small collection of shit-stirring potty troll sites in the truth/patriot/alternative news movement, regularly attacking others, as well as getting involved in various troll wars with other fringe sites and dubious individuals when it couldn't get attention.

In the end it collapsed in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding the arrest of then American Free Press's Christopher Bollyn.

I just came across a newish alternative news site with a woman and guy (also in a hat) who I presume are partners, in front of the camera it reminded me about that.

This site is called Project Camelot, and it presents itself as a site for government whistle blowers. One can't help noticing it also happens to be a kind of Who's Who of more out there guests from alternative talk radio.

Its slant is decidedly not realpolitick, more UFOs/Aliens/Roswell/New age/Aquarian that kind of thing. If I recall WING TV incorporated some of that stuff to some small degree too.

And Project Camelot have done some quite long and detailed interviews with different guests, and it's a nice new change for the alternative media to have almost a chat show format; face to face with guests on the couch, and the presentation works very well. And Project Camelot could be the Richard and Judy of alternative media.

Personally some of the guests which include names familiar to alternative talk radio listeners such Dr Bill Deagle and Leo Zagami, I've never been fully persuaded are bona fide whistle blowers as such, whether Project Camelot genuinely believe differently I don't know, and you're never sure if this couple know what they have walked into with this.

The famous David Icke makes an appearance on Camelot as well (in a very slightly over-talked interview by the couple interviewing - remember it's the guest people are primarily going to want to listen to, although it's by no means the worse example of this), as does Jim Marrs who's a well known figure in the American patriot movement for his work on the JFK Assassination.

I very much enjoyed their short video about the Crystal Skull, which I was always intrigued by as a child.

Project Camelot certainly seem a nice couple of people, who are interested in what they are doing, and they look like they enjoy making these productions, and I certainly think people interested in this kind of material would want to check out what they've put together and what they offer.

Their content thus far is a long way away from hard nosed political understanding, more a concentrated dose of the Rense/Icke/global consciousness type stuff, which while will appeal to fans of that genre, will be seen as a bogging down distraction to many others, kind of like dropping pornography on Iraq.

I wish them well with their area and goals, remembering there's plenty of real world whistle blowers who are not claiming to be members of the Illuminati, or claiming there are civilizations on the Moon. Even Wing TV interviewed one of them: Mordechai Vanunu* (>>>>>).

(* Edit: looking for that, a huge alternative news resource has gone down. Really important and significant shows from tons of different alt media, all annotated, including a lot of hard to find stuff has gone offline , which was at http://www.911verses.com/underground/. Real shame -j, but they have maintained their WING TV archive here).

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