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Monday, May 18, 2009

Swords drawn for Speaker Michael Martin ???

Maybe I've missed something. I've read what I can about this, and frankly I'm just struggling to see any significant case against House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin at all. There's a lot of hot air that's made to look like some case, but the substance of it just seems to be missing.

Part of the problem here, seems to be there's been something of a long term campaign against him anyway from the Daily Mail, and separating that out from what's going now seems very difficult to be honest.

If Michael Martin should resign over whatever (almost impossible to deduce it's so empty) he's accused of doing or not doing, then the entire government should resign. Note I'm not seriously suggesting that he should resign.

This just seems like hollow moronic scapegoating by newspapers and MPs about an issue of total nothingness (MP's expenses) that's been elevated by the media and that politicians have to be seen to be dancing to.

It's just garbage.

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